Download Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.40 and 1.18.30 for free with a working Xbox Live on your Android phone: explore the dark depths and their owner – Warden!

Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.40 and 1.18.30 – What’s Interesting?

Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.40 and 1.18.30 is remembered by all players as the most exciting and technically difficult update. This update brought a tremendous amount of changes to the game. Almost everything has gone through a series of changes in the game, starting with the generation of mountains and ending with new mobs.

For example, starting from Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17.32 Release, underwater caves appeared in the game. There are new biomes, blocks, mobs, and even effects. The user will have to fight with the guardian of the dark depths – Warden, and discover new amazing biomes.


You need to start with something that will be interesting to explore for each player. The most interesting biome in Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.40 and 1.18.30 can deservedly be called Deep Dark.

The very first thing to know about this world is that it is the birthplace of the Warden. There are also blocks such as rolling sculk and acoustic sensors. Another biome worthy of the user’s attention is the lush cave. This type of cave will add variety to the constantly dark and gloomy tones of the dungeon.

All this is because everything around here is covered with greenery. The floor and ceiling are strewn with moss. Vines and hardwoods also hang from the top of the lush cave. By the way, this is where axolotls appear. There are other biomes that appeared in the Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.40 and 1.18.30 update, such as a karst cave.


New and powerful mob in Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.40 and 1.18.30. Warden is the guardian of the dark depths and guards the treasures in them. This mob is deprived of the ability to see but endowed with tremendous strength and health. Steve needs to prepare before fighting this boss.

After all, he can hear even the throw of a snowball. Also, do not go to the Warden without powerful weapons and armor since it deals 30 damage and has 84 health units. When the Warden reacts to sounds, an animation similar to an acoustic sensor appears on its head. This mob is 3.5 blocks high, making it one of the tallest in the game.

Blocks and items

An acoustic sensor, a sculk block, and a bag – all this appeared in the Minecraft update 1.18.50, 1.18.40 and 1.18.30. The sculk block has individual animation and can be used to create wireless microcircuits.

Items and other bags can be stored in bags, but only if they are empty. Acoustic sensors are capable of responding to vibrations. After receiving a signal, they are activated for a couple of seconds, after which they are deactivated again.

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