Among favorite kinds of cyber sport,games of the MOBA genre (multiplayer online battle arena)stand out recent years. And one of the best of them, according to gamers and its popularity, is Dota 2.

The Official release of this project took place in July 2013. But long before this date, on the second part of game said how about a revolution that can change the attitude of gamers and spectators to multiplayer games in General.

An incredible number of characters, interesting maps and unique balance by which the victory in the match between teams of gamers 5×5 completely depends on each player’s skills and abilities, but not on luck or other random. These factors quickly turned Dota 2 on one of the most popular games in eSports. Now the tournaments in this discipline gather thousands of people from all around the world. Their fights are watched by millions of fans. And a huge number of punters bet on Dota 2 in hope to their favorite team’s victory.

How and where to begin to put in Dota2?

Dota 2 betting offers to look closely at the online bookmakers. Almost every self-respecting bookie includes category “eSports”, in which you can make a deal on all the main tournaments for the Dota 2. There are also specialized resources, which enter into such a bet.

Types of bets

As in other disciplines, betting on Dota 2 for money is made on the result of a certain round, confrontation of two certain teams or the winner of some event/tournament. In addition to this, the punter can bet on more than interesting nuances:

  • On earned gold to a specific player on the team;
  • kills (killing other characters) committed by one person or a whole team;
  • duration of the round;
  • wins in the certain tournament;
  • guessing characters, what will be the playing members of the team.

And in many ways betting on events in Dota 2 is not much different from betting on the usual sporting events. There are some bookmakers taking different bets: single bets, totals, parlays, etc.

Tips for beginners

And finally, a few tips for those who are only going to bet on Dota 2:

  1. Use statistics of each team’s performances, and strongest players’ transitions from one team to another. This will allow you to understand your favorites’ form at the moment
  2. Try not to put on international tournaments’ early stages. Better the stage, analyze all the teams and then bet on the best.
  3. Don’t forget to follow the teams ‘ preparation for a particular event. If the team is already in the qualifying games shows high class, it will likely be to perform successfully and at later stages.