Video calling is becoming larger and larger as technology becomes easier to access – according to eWeek, 40 percent of North American companies use mobile video communication, and more than half (65 percent) use some sort of virtual room for easy inter-company communication.

However, that still places thousands of companies in North America alone as disadvantaged in the way of communication. How so, you may ask? Well, there are a plethora of ways in which video calling software can change the way your business works, regardless of what industry you’re in or what size your company is.

Just like other disruptive technologies, the growth of Internet availability and the video/audio capabilities of phones and tablets alongside laptops and desktops will soon crown video calling as a necessity among competitive companies looking to increase their communications efficiency and overall employee happiness and productivity. Here’s what you’re missing:

video calling

You’re Going To Be Saving Travel Costs

It’s the most parroted line in the industry, but it’s also the most easily understood fact – when you’re dealing with all your meetings and communications over video, you get the benefits of face-to-face communication without the fuss and cost of travel, time, and other assorted costs.

There’s more to it than that, however. Consider the time you waste on an unsuccessful meeting, or the time you’re more likely to spend chitchatting when face-to-face with someone at a coffee shop or hotel dining room. Video conferences are more likely to cut out wasted time and shorten meetings, especially between different time zones, as well as giving you a concrete timing for your meeting in the form of how long the video has been running. 

You Can Use It as a Nanny Cam

When face-to-face meetings weren’t possible, the first feasible alternative for businesses everywhere was simple – a phone call. But blind phone calls are difficult to control – you have no idea whether or not the person on the other side is really listening, or whether their attention span has already zapped out, and their mind is just wandering at this point.

You also wouldn’t realize whether or not they were doing something else while speaking to you, stealing their attention away from you. If you’re coordinating meetings between managers and employees, this can be especially disastrous. A video feed can give you what you really need – eyes on the person sitting across from you virtually. 

Body Language Speaks Just as Much as Your Voice Does

Anyone who’s ever spent a significant amount of time in business speaking with people knows that there’s a huge difference between what you’re able to hear, and what you’re able to see. If you’re trying to determine whether someone is interested, listening, engaged, or any number of positive emotions, the best way to notice this is through visual cues – shoulders, eyes, mouth, hands. The face and shoulders alone can give you an immense amount of feedback through body language, which is totally unavailable over a phone call – and all that is essential for total communication. 

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Addressing People Specifically Will Be Much Easier

When you’re engaged in a conference call with several people, there’s no shouting across the room or straining to hear the opinion of one person within the room. Everyone has the same mic power, and the same amount of face time on everyone’s screens.

If you’re trying to speak to one person within the call specifically, or address their question, it’s as easy as speaking to someone sitting immediately next to you. All you have to do is address someone by name, and watch their reactions through their webcam. 

The Stats Say It’ll Make You That Much More Efficient

The most marketed reason to utilize video conferencing is cost-reduction, but the truth is that the majority of businesses began and stuck to using video calling not to reduce costs, but because video calling markedly improved their efficiency and productivity.

According to TechTarget, a survey of 4,700 respondents showed that 94% said the biggest benefit to a dedicated video conference system through premium services – like Blue Jeans – was increased productivity and efficiency. The second reason, at 88 percent, was an increased impact of discussion, and 87 percent noted that another major impact was that video calling sped up the decision-making process.

Video Calls Remind You You’re All People

Another major factor is that when you’re conducting daily or weekly meetings through video calling as large company, these video conferences can remind individual employees and managers that they’re all part of a greater company – and that at the heart of the company are people, all of them working for the benefit of a larger whole.

All in all, no matter what size your company is or what you’re looking to achieve, there’s an undeniable benefit in video conferencing that you shouldn’t be missing out on.