Sometimes it’s easy to ignore new slot sites that come up because you may assume they don’t have anything new to offer. After all, it is always easier to stick to something you already know than risk trying out something new with new risks that you haven’t discovered yet. However, new slot sites that keep coming into the market are proving that they are as good if not better than the already existing ones. They have unique features as well as offers and themes that make them worth trying out. You can still be selective and only try out the great slots games available on boomtown bingo. Some of the best offers you can expect from these slot sites include:

Sign Up Bonuses

It’s always a relief to find sites that allow you to try them out before spending your money. Such opportunities give you a chance to get used to the site and decide whether you like their features beforehand. You end up making informed decisions and will be sure that your money is spent wisely. While such offers are great, they sometimes come with a catch. For instance, you may find some sites restricting you from withdrawing the winnings you get from the free offers, but most sites allow such withdrawals. Almost all the slot sites require that you play with free cash bonuses instead of withdrawing them. Other websites give bonuses like free spins instead of cash.

Match Deposits

Unlike the free bonuses, match deposit bonuses require that you spend your money. These offers are usually given to first-time players, but they can also be available for subsequent players. Most of the time, subsequent players will have to trigger these bonuses. The triggers include using specific promotional codes or using a specified number of spins. The most common condition is usually to deposit a particular amount of money, then a percentage of that money is given back when you win. The new slots sites have made it possible for players to get back their bonuses even if they lose. However, the percentage you’re given may be lower, and there are also other conditions usually attached to such bonuses. Some sites may ask that you redeem those bonuses at specific intervals, while others will have specific eligibility factors you must meet before redeeming. You should check all the information regarding the match deposit bonuses before you accept them. In case of any confusion, make sure to contact the customer service team.

No Deposit Offers

No deposit offers work like the free sign up bonuses. The only difference is that they are not provided to new members who register. Some slot sites provide these as part of loyalty programs and give them bonuses in the form of free spins instead of cash. Be sure to check your regular slot site for such offers, and you may win big with some free spins.

Apart from these offers, new slot sites are making headlines because of other factors such as security. Boomtown Bingo usually checks the security aspects of new slot sites, but if you’re interested in a site that’s not listed on their website, you have to check whether they are certified and licensed. This will guarantee the safety of your money, whether it’s your deposit or your winnings. It’s also an excellent idea to transact using PayPal or other online platforms like skrill when dealing with slot sites regardless of whether they are listed on boomtown bingo or not. Using your credit card or other card options puts you at a greater risk of your financial records being intercepted by the wrong people.


The new offers given by the slot sites may be tempting enough for you to want to jump into accepting them immediately without question. However, it would be best if you always looked into the conditions attached to each. Some of them may be good on the surface, but they will end up tying your winnings for more extended periods. Remember that you will have to sign up on these sites to access the bonuses. You may, therefore, want to check the reviews of each before giving them your details during registration. Almost all slot sites are also mobile-friendly, but you can still find desktop ones in that’s what you prefer.