The commonly accepted wisdom has been, for several decades, that homework is very beneficial to children. However, in recent times, many expert teachers and academics have challenged this narrative. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which, with the rise of technology, many children are taking on a more burden of having to do work after school. This has concerned many experts within the academic field, as they feel that there are many harmful effects that could present themselves if children receive too much homework. Not surprisingly, parents are also concerned about this question, as they want to know whether or not it is right for their children to undergo an increased load of homework.

There are many criticisms cited in regards to giving students homework; the fact that many students make use of a homework helper in the form of a parent or tutor to complete their work is a commonly cited example of the inefficiency of having an increased homework load on children.

As such, this article will explore the many advantages and disadvantages of homework, and aim to answer whether or not homework is harmful for children, and whether parents should rely on homework help.

Homework Disadvantages

Firstly, we should analyze the touted disadvantages by experts in response to an increased homework load for children. The most common disadvantage that concerns experts is that homework leads to an increase in stress in children. Research suggests that extra assignments given to children can lead to an unhealthy level of stress due to the anxiety experienced from having to complete homework by a certain deadline. Due to this, it is not uncommon for students to turn to parents or their peers for quick homework help.

The second most commonly cited disadvantage pertaining to homework is the fact that it can be a burden for children. After spending 6-7 hours at school everyday, it is beneficial for children to put their mind to rest, and engage in activities that allow them to relax. With an increase in the amount of homework they receive, this is simply impossible. After school, they are expected to complete further math problems and read extra books, which can lead to burn out in many children. As a result, to cope with the burn out, it is common for children to acquire homework help questions; again, by their parents or by someone they know who has completed the work.

There are many studies to suggest that homework achieves the entirely opposite effect that it intends to have. There are many studies to suggest that a heavy homework load can lead to negatively affecting the performance of students in the classroom. Again, there is little doubt that it is linked to feeling burned out and lacking motivation after having to complete so much work.

Another significant disadvantage that homework poses is the fact that many students simple seek homework help questions online to complete their work, or ask their parents for homework help reading. This makes the entire intended purpose of homework redundant if students are not completing the work by themselves.

Homework Advantages

There are, however, many advantages to completing homework for students. Firstly, it helps to solidify the content they have learned in school. Many students do not entirely grasp many of the concepts they study at school, and receiving homework is a way for them to further consolidate the material they were taught in the classroom. Without homework, they would not have a chance to understand the material covered in class to a good standard.

Another advantage cited for homework is the fact that many times, there is simple not enough time in the classroom to cover everything on the curriculum. Thus, homework gives a chance for teachers to add extra material that students are supposed to be learning. However, with the use of homework help websites middle school, this can be a significant disadvantage, as those students making use of help will not learn about the material that is an important part of the school curriculum.

As you can see, there are certainly many pros and cons to the homework debate. The best option is that there should not be a significant homework load on children, as they will resort to homework help high school. A good balance of homework, and allowing children to relax after school, is required to gain the maximum advantages from homework.