Riot Games have recently launched a new version of the PVP game to counter the market with the growing fame and player base of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive named Valorant. It is a very competitive and animated game as the characters and gameplay, and their abilities are animated in nature. Within the launch of the game, it has earned an enormous base and credit because of its immense gameplay. It has a desirable and unique mode of gameplay, which is the main reason for such a massive success in such a short period. 

Basic Information about the Valorant Game

The game is a highly optimized game that can be easily played on low-end computers. It requires a minimum of Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a 4 Gb of ram and a stable internet connection. The presence of a GPU is not mandatory, which makes it more special than other PVP games. 

The game starts with a very eye-catching home screen, which depicts an incredible amount of graphical display and animation. There are 15 characters with different abilities and styles of playing; they are categorized as initiators, duelists, sentinels, and controllers. The match starts with 3 minutes in which the attacking team has to plant the spike in either site while the defending side has to stop them from doing so. In competitive matches, a draw after the 12th round, the match gets decided in the extra time. It gets elected by both teams by a vote conducted on the screen. If the scores remain unchanged even after three extra times, then you get an additional feature of a draw in the voting list. 

Marketing Policy of the Game

In a big battle between the two sites, the game has earned many credits on the world stage. The game is now involved with some of the best gaming organizations in the world. Valorant is the only game that took less than 3 months to be hosted in the world Gaming fest in LA and also gets conducted by many organizations. It offers a lot of rewards and the possibility of winning money like NetBet offers on their casino games. They have become self-sufficient enough to conduct their tournaments with all the teams worldwide with their efforts and credits.

Does Buying Skins Help?  

Valorant is more popular, and the introduction of gun skins is very luscious and attractive for all. As introduced by Riot, people can be bought online through the in-game market and the featured bundle that changes every 15 days. But the burning question arises: Do these skins help improve your aim? Are they aimbot? 

To answer the most challenging question related to the topic, my answer is that buying skin does help improve your aim. Various Skin bundles for the guns are an aimbot. They have introduced a straightforward way for kills, and thus victories can be purchased in this game. The skins of the guns help reduce the recoil and the firing error of the gun, which is the main scenario while shooting in a PVP game. Even kids with skins and no gaming background get easy headshots by just spending a fair amount of a penny. With ease, it is the most convenient and likely way to boost to the top league, i.e. the radiant league.  

The game is not a bit hypocritical but also is money home. The amount of money spent on the game over the skins and battle pass is a milestone for any other game. However, the skins are pretty costly but are worth the penny when you can win games by a one-time investment. It is the most successful game in the history of Riot games. Thus, they are making every effort count irrespective of how they do it.