Ask most doctors if they need an online presence and they’ll stare at you blankly. The medical profession isn’t typically associated with digital marketing. But, it’s slowly becoming a crucial part of their existence. Technology has revolutionised the way hospitals and doctors’ offices are run. Patient data is stored online, and new machinery is helping us cure more diseases than ever before. But a website? Does a doctor really need one?

The simple answer is yes. In the modern age, patients all turn to the internet for advice. We use the digital world to gauge reputation and build trust. As a doctor, there is nothing more important than the trust between you and your patient. In this post, we’ll explain why your online presence is so important and urge you to take forward steps.

online presence

75% of patients turn online to diagnose an illness

We are developing a culture of self-diagnoses. Thanks to medical sites like WebMD and Patient, we can now type our symptoms into Google and find answers. Of course, it is certainly not guaranteed we’ll get the right diagnoses. In many cases, we just end up scaring ourselves! The point is, our first instinct is to turn online. As a doctor, you need to be there when we do. Your website needs to be a part of that process.

Build trust and credibility

As we mentioned before, there is nothing more important than trust when it comes to your patient relationship. You can create that sense of trust and credibility through an online presence. Medical marketing experts at Practice Bloom tell us that 94% of patients take into account the reputation of a facility before visiting. This reputation can, and should, be built online. Remember, it’s the first place people turn. You can make this reputation with a professional web design, testimonials and expert content.

Easy contact patients

Patients need to know that their doctor is contactable. They feel safe when they can quickly get on the phone and speak to someone. Your online presence can help make that process easier. Think about how you could incorporate it into your web design. A simple contact page can offer your patients a facility number, and even an emergency number. If they can find all this quickly on your website, you’ll improve your patient relationship.

Keep online records

Many medical websites are now offering patients a login option. Entering their details will bring up their prescriptions, recent treatments and diagnoses. It’s a useful way to stay connected with your patients and put them in control. It will also free up your resources by giving them this access.

Added value

Studies show that more than 50% of patients feel more valued when nurtured through digital means. It’s an extra reassurance that their doctor is there for them at all times of the day. You can use instant message help boxes or a regular email update. Get creative here, and think about how you could extend your level of care.

As you can see, your online presence as a doctor is vital. It will boost your reputation and online credibility. You’ll inspire trust in your patients and provide an all-round service.