This decade is said to be the decade of crypto. With the market expanding and millions of dollars being invested into it daily there is no doubt that cryptocurrency is on the road of growth and progress. If you still haven’t started to invest in crypto, this is your sign to do it now. Better late than never.

And yes, like any other investment, investing in crypto is risky as the market is volatile. But when the market is down, instead of panicking and selling your assets at a loss, consider that as a perfect opportunity to buy coins at a very low price. And then once the market has pumped up again, you can easily sell at high rate of profit.

The maestro of  cryptocurrency

One word comes into most people’s mind when they hear the word crypto, Bitcoin and rightly so.  Bitcoin is to crypto what USD dollar is the exchange rate system. Bitcoin decides the fate of all the other coins. If bitcoin’s price goes up, automatically all the other coins will go up and vice versa.  With the total market cap of bitcoin being $798 Billion and one bitcoin worth $42,150, it is considered to be one of the highly prized possession

Where to start from?

You must be wondering now, what should my next step be? How to invest? Where to invest? There is a perfect answer to all these questions. Bitcoin code. Bitcoin code is a trading software which was developed by Steve Mckay. The software acts as a helping hand for investors who want to trade in cryptocurrency.  Let’s dig deeper into this

How to become a user of bitcoin code?

The answer to this question is as simple as it can get. Open up their website and provide them with all the relevant details they have asked in the form. After submitting the form, wait for an email from them. The email link will provide you with the access to the software, you can open it right then and there and that’s it! You will officially become a memeber of bitcoin code. After you have opened your account, you can deposit any amount you like, the minimum requirement is $250.  The amount will act as your trading capital. 

There isn’t any sort of registration fee. And any amount that you earn from the trading will be all yours and no commission will be charged on any profit.  This means that using bitcoin code is absolutely free of cost!

Features that make bitcoin code best in the game 

Security guaranteed 

The biggest question that comes into people minds is, “is it safe?” No one would want to risk losing all their savings and earnings in a scam. That is why security is the software’s no. 1 priority. Bitcoin code is a fully certified software. Huge range of security regulations have been put into place to protect user’s data.

24/7 customer service

 There are customer representatives sitting for you to help you out during any challenge you may face or any questions you may have while operating the software. And the best part? They are there 24/7! This means no matter what day or time it is, there will be customer service to sort out any query.

Demo Account 

Another feature to make the user experience more comfortable.  As a first time user if you are hesitant to start your first ever trading, you can use the demo account. It works exactly like the real account, the only difference is the trade won’t actually be happening. It is just there to make you more familiar with the know how of how the software works.

Easily deposit or withdraw your funds

The whole process of depositing and withdrawing the money can be tiresome. But bitcoin code has made sure that its users do not face any kind of trouble. A huge range of credit/debit cards are accepted on the website.  Within 24 hours of submitting the request for withdrawal, you will have your money with you. Moreover, there is no fee for withdrawing. 

Live automated trading 

Initially bitcoin code asks you to set up trading parameters on which you would like to trade. After you have decided the parameters, the bot will start its work by searching and analyzing the perfect trading option for you and automatically making the transaction on your behalf. The user can change the trading parameters any time they like. 

However, even the manual trading option is available. If someone wants to make each decision themselves, they can opt for the manual trading option. Although the automatic trading option is suggested as it’s more fuss-free. And suppose if there is a perfect chance to trade but you were offline and end up missing it the bot wouldn’t let that opportunity to trade let go by.

Wrapping Up

So, what else are you waiting for? Now that you know all about crypto and the perfect website to start your trading from, jump into the world of crypto right away and gain all the perks and benefits of investing into it.