Whether you’re at the driving range or Mar-a-largo, your golf game needs all the help it can get.  You can practice your technique, study video footage of the pro’s or get a qualified trainer to give you some hands-on advice. There are countless ways to improve your golf game, but if you don’t have the right clubs, you’ll struggle to see any real progress. For tips to improve your golf game and much more, head over to Golf Clubs Guru to get your fix on all things golf.

Picking the right club can help get you closer to the hole and keep you below par, and it all starts with the King of clubs, your driver. The driver, the ‘wood 1’ in golf terminology, is the longest club in the bag and sports the largest head. Its purpose is simple, getting the ball as far down the fairway as possible. 

Putting you in the Driver’s seat

So, it’s Sunday morning and you’re standing at the first tee, you look down at your sports watch and see that it’s time to start.  You grab your driver, pull back, and let fly.  It’s a great feeling to watch the golf ball shoot off down the fairway. Or not, you’ve shanked it. You hit it too hard and your ball has gone sideways straight into the ruff, leaving you feeling like maybe you should have stayed at home. 

Fortunately, technological advancements aren’t spared in the world of golf, and the latest Driver’s will have you playing like a pro in no time.  Research and development have focused on choosing the right materials, as well as the best weight, shape, and angle of the driver’s head.  The best companies in the business work with the world’s top players to give you the best possible chance of hitting the green. 

What to consider when choosing your new Driver

Build quality – Today, there is not much distinction between the best golf drivers given that they all generally use the most cutting-edge composite materials. All you need to do is identify the properties and benefits that each element of the club exudes and assess how valuable these will be to your game.

Control and performance – This is the biggest challenge of all. How do you combine forgiveness, distance, and the ability to work the ball, all in one?   A single golf club will struggle to meet all three of these criteria. Once you have a clear idea of ​​what is most important to you, it becomes much easier to disseminate between which drivers may be right for you and which are probably not.

Value for money – If you want the best, you have to be prepared to pay for it. This is an important predisposition to have, otherwise, some of the price tags will scare you. But be smart here, this is the kind of purchase that can serve you for years. If you’re purchasing online, check out The Top 5 Tips for getting the best deals when shopping online.

Appearance – Appearance might not be your top priority, but there is a lot to be said for placing the ball, looking at your club, and feeling the part. It just sets the tone and helps you feel comfortable.

Top 5 Drivers of 2021

Here you have a selection of 5 of the best Drivers available in 2021.  They have been picked based upon a wide range of criteria, so hopefully, there is at least 1 suitable option for all readers, regardless of your handicap

Callaway Epic Speed/Max/Epic Max LS 

This driver range makes use of the latest tech Callaway has to offer, with the star of the show being the Jailbreak A.I. Speed frame. As the name suggests, Callaway used artificial intelligence to design this clubhead, made of a red Flash Face SS21 and a new internal structure, giving horizontal stability and helping to vertically stiffen the head. All of this results in an incredible gain in speed. It has an aerodynamic construction that helps to reduce drag for more speed, whilst maintaining a shape that gives plenty of forgiveness. A 17-gram sliding weight allows for more precision in your shot shaping.

Cobra RadSpeed/XB/XD

A club that looks and feels the part, this Cobra excites before it’s even in your hands.  As now to be expected with this brand, this year’s Cobra pushes the boundaries with new technology. A new CNC infinity milled face is accompanied by a new carbon-fiber crown. The design and subsequent name of this club were inspired by an old engineering formula called the Radius of Gyration.  Weights in the sole of the head are closer to the front and the back, providing increased performance in specific areas across the range. 

PXG 0811 X/X+

You will really feel like a pro with the PXG 0811 X Proto, with PXG deciding they would make this normally tour-only club available to the public. The club comes with 4 adjustable weight ports and adjustable hosels, allowing you to customize to your specific needs. As you’d expect from a club like this it is crammed with tech, including a honeycomb TPE sole and a hybrid crown. You have 2 models with choose from, both with specific purposes that should make it easy for you to decide which club is for you.  The 0811 X is tailored for downward attack angles, with the X+ catering for ascending attack angles. Both clubs are completed with an unassumingly elegant matte black finish.

Ping G425/Max/LST/SFT

The latest range of drivers from Ping to not disappoint.  With great stability whilst managing to maintain an impressive distance, the G425 is a great all-rounder. With a 26 gram mobile weight, positioned at the back of the head, Ping claims the G425 Max to be their most forgiving and highest-launching driver to date.  The LST is designed for a minimum spin, and the SFT favors those prone to a slice.  If you want a club that covers all bases without compromising in certain areas, this may be the club for you. 

TaylorMade Sim2/Max/Max D

With a brand new design, centered on a flashy carbon composite soleplate, this TaylorMade driver certainly looks the part. The carbon sole is not just for aesthetics as it reduces the club weight considerably in an area that makes the club much more forgiving. The Sim2 takes advantage of technology from previous clubs, such as the Inertia Generator, TwistFace, and thru-slots.  The Sim2 Max is an incredibly forgiving club, and the range is completed with the draw-inducing Max D.


So, there you have it, the top 5 drivers for 2021. Although none of the clubs listed can guarantee that you make it from the tee to the green in one shot, they will certainly help. 

Always remember that there are many aspects to consider when purchasing your new Driver, or any club for that matter. What may be the perfect club for one person will likely not be the perfect club for you. Analyzing your game as objectively as possible and then using that to identify exactly what you need from a club will set you in the right direction in the search for your next club.