With the US experiencing a shortage of close to 48,000 truck drivers, it’s no wonder that technology will be at the forefront to resolve their dilemma. While there are talks that technology will replace drivers entirely in the future, it is the current assistance to drivers that tickles our fancy. Specially designed apps and futuristic tech allow truckers to commit to the long open roads with ease. Discover a few favorites that make the list.

Overcoming the Paper Mountain

After a long day of hauling freight to and fro, the last thing any trucker wants to do is fill out extensive logbook lists. The manual logging of mileage is no longer viable and technology thankfully relieves drivers from this tedious task. Apps allow drivers to do what they do best and focus on the open road. CamScanner is another must as it takes care of other paper-intensive exercises such as contracting and receipts.

Business Optimization for the Owner Operator

According to Bill Busbice, co-founder of Hwy Pro, there is no need to employ a fleet of staff or get bogged down with the operational side of trucking. A simple app designed for all the trucking business needs takes care of it all.  Apart from monitoring their response time and retina movements to determine fatigue, the app also tracks efficient routes and other helpful information for truckers.

Economic and Efficient  

The carbon footprint of trucks has always been a topic of discussion at environmental summits. Finding ways to reduce the effect on the environment – and the owner’s pocket – is at the forefront of the trucking industry. A few simple changes can save money and it starts with low rolling resistance tires. These tires use less energy as they roll, which means a reduced fuel bill. Truck owners can also look forward to predictive cruise control which allows them to use the optimal speed at all times. Aerodynamic fairings is another technological marvel to get excited about, as they are not only effective but also low-cost.

Technology is continuously touted as a threat to any industry for the workers, but instead of seeing it as the enemy, many embrace it to lift their productivity. Employees and owner drivers have access to world-class apps that make their lives and hauls simpler, which means more time to themselves. Safety, comfort, and efficiency can be achieved with the right combination of trucking apps and tech.