The world of business is changing rapidly, with many new companies starting up everywhere. Thanks to evolving technology, it has become possible to bring your ideas into reality. Today, millions of people are leveraging technology to innovate their products and sell them to a massive customer base. One such business industry is the Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing industry.

The booming online shopping industry has catapulted the DTG print business to the peaks of success. With a versatile direct to garment printer like the DTG G4 at your disposal, you can start your own custom printing business. As it is a highly profitable business idea, it can grow as big as your imagination. You get to choose from different ideas to decide the direction of your business and at what scale you want to do it.

What kind of designs can you print with a direct to garment printer?

The best thing about DTG printing is that you get to print a wide variety of designs on different apparel. The only limitation would be your creativity. You can take the liberty of experimenting with different designs and images.

You can print anything from small, simple images to complex artwork on your apparel. 

With DTG printing, you get the freedom to print any pictures from your phone on a t-shirt. If you are an artist or a graphic designer, you can create your artwork on software like Corel Draw, Illustrator, or Photoshop and print it on the t-shirts. 

As the DTG G4 uses high-quality ink from Kodak, you will have a high-definition print with all the accurate color shades and details. The print output will have the same level of visual appearance and definition as your artwork. 

The DTG printer can also print high-quality portraits of people onto the t-shirts, making it a great gift option. People can print pictures or portraits of their loved ones on the t-shirt and gift them on special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays.

You can also print different motivational or funny quotes and sayings on the t-shirt to make statement apparel. Those are popular among the youth. You can also use it for printing custom college or school jerseys or university hoodies in bulk. 

As the G4 offers rapid printing speed with the highest color and print accuracy, you don’t have to worry about finishing bulk orders on time. All you need to do is market your business to the right audience and create more business opportunities for you.

The clothing material plays a significant role in the print output; it’s best to use top-quality cotton or white polyester t-shirts. The white t-shirts will highlight your designs best, and the printer uses lesser white ink.

What will it cost to print a t-shirt design?

Even though DTG ink offers the best in industry print quality, it is still affordable. You will be spending a meager amount on inks compared to the profits you can earn by selling those custom print t-shirts. 

Depending on the design or image’s size, colors, and complexity, you will be spending as little as 15 cents to $3 per shirt. Using darker backgrounds like black t-shirts can also affect the cost as it uses white ink to create a print base for the design on a darker background. It ensures that the colors are represented in the best way they can.

How much can you sell a DTG printed shirt for?

The price of a DTG printed shirt depends on the size and complexity of the image and t-shirt quality. Simpler designs and print might fetch you less, while intricate artworks can get a decent amount. 

Many DTC business owners sell their DTG shirts for around $15 for each item. Some of them also price them between $20 to $30, depending on their location and the print size. 

You can also charge extra fees for customization and complex designs. If you have your print store near a tourist attraction or a highly-populated area, you can promote your product to people easily. You can ask them to bring their photos and get them printed on a t-shirt. They have to send their pictures from their phone to you and wait for a while to get their custom-printed high-quality t-shirt. 

The t-shirt price also depends on how you market and advertise your product. You can leverage different marketing strategies to attract new customers through a blog, local advertising, SEO, social media, online forums, and native ads. You can also create unique and creative packaging for your products to brand your business.

How much can you make in this business?

DTG printing is a highly profitable business if you know what you need to do. With more and more high-tech DTG printers, printing your designs on t-shirts and selling them has become easier than ever. The amount of revenue you can generate in the business depends on how you market your brand and efficiently use the technology. 

The DTG technology already has an existing fan base, so you have to build upon that and create a massive customer base for your brand. You can also conduct market research to discover a new audience for your product and opportunities in the DTG industry. 

As the B2B products and services yield big-ticket clients, you can partner with different companies and create custom printed t-shirts with branding elements like logos and slogans. They use such merchandise for their team members and brand awareness. You can earn a lot more with B2B products than B2C products.

Suppose you buy a black t-shirt for $3 and the image print costs you $2; you spend $5 as the cost of the shirt while you can sell it for $15. That way, you will be making a $10 profit on each item you sell. With these figures, if you sell 500 shirts in a month, you will make $5000 and so on.

The DTG industry offers promising opportunities for people who know how they can use it to earn profits. As there is a high market demand for custom-made t-shirts, you can make this business idea successful if you market your product right.