Learning is about more than just passing knowledge from one person to another. In order for us to stay relevant in this constantly changing world, we need to keep challenging ourselves and find new ways of looking at things that can bring additional insights into our lives. Digitalization provides a way for doing this by making information readily available and using technology in an interactive environment that facilitates creativity and problem-solving skills. This article explains how.

Interactive Display Board for educational purpose

An interactive Display Board is a device with a screen for communicating information from computer to audience. It is widely used in the classroom as a teaching tool for teachers and students. It is also used as an advertising display, digital signage, or decoration with the message.

The interactive Display Board is an inter-connecting device that allows people to communicate with each other and share ideas in an effective way. It is used in many ways and we can also use it as a part of our daily life.

ActivPanel by Promethean

Promethean is known to offer instructors and educational setups with interactive display setups. ActivPanel is one of the latest interactive displays that can be used for effective teaching and learning experience in classroom settings. ActivPanel is a touch screen that can be used for digital interactive whiteboards. 

ActivPanel by Promethean is considered to be the most effective device for displaying images, videos, and educational content. The ActivPanel was designed to give visual information with the help of an interactive display screen. The screen size of ActivPanel is massive and provides a sharp color profile.

Effective Learning with Interactive Display

The ActivPanel by Promethean is effectively known to deliver interactive display screens with a sturdy scratch-resistant finish. The screen provides you with the latest technologies that no other products offer. The screen is designed to give quality images and videos with the aid of touch screen technology.

This product also comes with an embedded web server so that it can be easily connected to your network for connecting mobile devices on any version of the Windows operating system. The ActivPanel has an impressive display resolution therefore it can easily work on all types of computer systems irrespective of the operating system.

Benefits of Interactive Display in Classroom

The advantages of this device also provide the educational institutes with the latest technologies that are considered to be the best present in the market. The activities can be easily carried on this device for giving the best services in your classroom or learning center.

Natural Writing Experience on the Screen

This device also comes with a lean writing option which is considered to be the natural way of writing on the screen. The ActivPanel is designed to give you a better and faster experience while using this screen. You can easily write on the screen by hand or on a stylus pen with inbuilt accelerometer technology. The device is also capable of saving your entered notes, images, and videos offline for future references.

Smooth Delivery of Lectures

The ActivPanel is designed to deliver high-quality visuals and videos with the aid of a web browser. All types of videos can be downloaded easily on the screen device. All videos can be played back with the help of slide show options thereby saving your precious time. The device is equipped with a USB port by which you can easily connect your digital camera or any other external storage device like pen drives.

More Engagement with Students

Everyone loves to learn and this product is definitely a great learning resource for students. As the device can be easily connected to your network, any student in your class can easily connect with this device. You can easily share the content on the ActivPanel by enabling other students to get access to it.

The content that you share on the ActivPanel can be shared instantly with all the students without having any difficulty. The screen also comes with a bunch of available apps in which you can actively engage your kids. Lead them to enjoy their learning experience on the interactive display screen as well as other devices used in the classroom like a video projector, projectors, smart boards or whiteboard, etc.

Visuals Improve the Effectiveness of Learning

A lot of learning happens through the use of visuals. A good way to make sure you are retaining information is to create a diagram or model. It can be in any form, like a picture, chart, table, map, timeline; it’s up to you! Visual representational tools demonstrate how concepts work in human minds. They make abstract ideas concrete and concrete ideas clearer.

With the use of an interactive display board, teachers can ensure the effective delivery of the lessons. Teachers have a lot of benefits with the use of interactive display boards. Some of them are:

– The use of visual and audio learners’ components in presentation increases understanding and retention.

– It provides memory-jogging possibilities, especially when it comes to historical events.

– They often work better than computer animations with auditory learners because they avoid the need to focus on two things at once.

– Presentations become more interesting, as well as more enjoyable for teachers and students alike.

– Teachers become more confident about their presentations and about their ability to communicate effectively in general.