No matter what kind of company you run, the way you engage your employees plays a vital role in your success. According to Gallup, when a worker feels engaged, they work over 20% harder than employees who do not. They work harder because they feel valued, and as they work harder, your profits continue to rise.

But what does it take to truly engage your employees? The answer can be found within digital signage software. Here are four ways that the use of digital signage software can effectively engage your employees and encourage them to work harder without them even realizing it.

It Paves the Way for Retention

If you send out a memo, the information will be read once and likely thrown in the trash (or deleted). However, it is said that people don’t even notice something around them until they see it seven times. So, unless you are sending out seven memos each time you have something to say, you will want to turn to digital signage software. It allows you to strategically provide the repeated exposure that is crucial for your employees to take notice of the message you are sending. And once your team actually sees what you want for the company and how you want them to succeed, they will begin to make changes in their behavior.


It Lets You Control the Message

In order to truly engage your employees, you must be providing them with the right message at the right time. The information they are receiving must be relevant and timely. With digital signage software, this is simple to accomplish. You can easily control what message you want to be seen at what time, and who you want to see that message. Using advanced scheduling options, you can greet your employees with a motivational kickoff message as they arrive.And when they are about to go home, you can thank them for their hard work and let them know you appreciate them.

It Keeps Everyone Focused on a Common Goal

Just because you know what your goal is for the team, that doesn’t mean they do. You need to engage with them and let them know exactly what you want them to focus on. Digital signage makes this easy. You can update the signage with the key performance indicators you are working on, and you can display a ranking chart to keep employees involved. Show off how many days the company has gone without an accident or give a big congrats to the person with the highest sales of the day. Through digital signage, your employees will feel like they are in on the action.


It Allows You to Change the Formats of Communication

If your message stays the same, your employees will lose interest quickly. That’s why it’s important to have digital signage software that allows you to use various forms of communication. Link social media posts to the office, show off images or videos of your employees at work, use PowerPoint presentations to make sure everyone is on the same page. With digital signage, you can keep your message fresh, so it is sure to capture their attention.

If you want to maximize your efforts when communicating with your employees, digital signage is the clear option. It allows you to capitalize on the power of repeated exposure, and when you partner that with relevance and versatility, a level of engagement will be reached that you never knew was possible.

The Marlin Company has been paving the way for the digital signage industry for over 100 years. They take the proven methods of the past and combine them with the power of today’s technology to give employers a way to effectively engage their employees.