With marketing techniques shifting towards the digital landscape, more enterprises are devoting their resources and effort towards digital marketing. In fact, more brands are taking advantage of innovations in the industry to boost their marketing endeavors and stay far ahead of their competitors. Talking to Brandon, Chief Growth Officer at LA Agency Digitawise, we learnt some useful concepts:

1.Top Brands Turn their Focus to Live Events

More top brands are increasingly recognizing live events to be among the leading effective marketing platforms. For this reason, a considerable portion of the marketers is poised to increase their number of live events in 2018. Some of the world’s foremost organizations like Google, Airbnb and Sales force host a yearly event meant to attract and bring together the press as well as prospective and existing customers.

2.LinkedIn May to Rise while Twitter Falls

Twitter’s increased focus on user acquisition, as opposed to their ad platform, has led marketers to rely on other social media spaces to connect with their targeted prospects. Hence, the platform experienced a slow increase in its users in 2017. While Twitter struggles to reverse the trend, LinkedIn appears to be making an incredible step towards improving their platform. In 2017, an overall site upgrade resulted in a refreshed user interface. Additional marketers are anticipated to use LinkedIn in 2018, as the platform revamps its ad platform.

3.Taking Advantage of Machine Learning Advances

The need for digital marketing services offered by costly agencies may soon decline as more machine-learning platforms emerge. With platforms like Trapica and Acquisio promising to optimize your ad spend by utilizing machine-learning algorithms, expect a revolution in the digital marketing space this year. For such platforms, marketers are required to set their basic campaign structures. This activity allows the machine-learning platforms to undertake the rest of the work like spotting ideal audiences.

4.Instagram’s Impressive Growth

Instagram’s announcement in 2017 citing that nearly 800 million individuals utilize the platform per month, demonstrated its remarkable growth. One year after it was unveiled, Instagram Stories has grown more popular than Snapchat. Also, brands experience improved engagement on Instagram compared to other platforms thanks to its unmatched advertising controls. As such, Instagram has proven to be an excellent platform for social media marketing endeavors.

5.Incorporating AI into Website Messaging

Currently, marketers can keep their customers engaged by communicating with them through various AI-powered live chat tools such as Drift and Intercom. As more developments take place in the AI space, more companies will turn to AI live chats to communicate with their site visitors.

6.Venturing into Augmented Reality

Despite virtual reality taking over the video game market, it is yet to be rolled out widely into other markets. The reason is owed to the challenges involved in producing content that has a regulated point of view. With that in mind, augmented reality could be the next big thing in 2018, primarily with companies like Apple producing its AR glasses.

7.Relying on Influencer Marketing

With influencer marketing proving highly effective for most marketers, many brands may embrace the strategy to connect with their prospects through social media. In this case, influencers help to come up with captivating organic content that mostly appeals to the youth. Therefore, anticipate the advertising world to shift towards promoting content through influencers in 2018.

Some of the predicted trends listed above may come true in 2018 while others may take longer. The reason can be credited to rapid changes in technology and customer preferences and expectations. Nonetheless, numerous surprises in digital marketing must be expected, especially with the entry of new platforms, enhanced AI capabilities and new innovative technologies.