Struggling to come up with some solid digital marketing topics in 2020? Well, you aren’t alone. We bet that the vast majority of people in your class are struggling too. That is likely why you are here. On this page, we are going to introduce you to some awesome digital marketing topics for your term paper. We won’t give you specific headlines. Instead, we just want to give you a brief overview of some of the things that you will be writing about in your term paper.

Advances In Digital Marketing

One of the main reasons as to why it is so hard to find term paper topics for digital marketing is the fact that the digital marketing landscape is ever-changing. In your term paper, you may want to have a look at some of the latest advances in digital marketing. Are there any new techniques that need to be discussed? How do you expect the world of digital marketing to change going forward? Think about all of this when you are planning your paper.

The European Union And Digital Marketing

In recent years, the European Union has introduced various pieces of legislation which, while they protect consumers, they may actually make the job of a digital marketer a lot more difficult. In this type of term paper, you may want to look at how the European Union has changed the digital marketing landscape. You may also want to come up with a few ideas of how this legislation can be tackled going forward.

Case Studies

This is going to be a very general term topic area, however, it can net you some good marks if you do it right. In these papers, you will be focusing on the digital marketing techniques used by some of the biggest companies out there. Focus on particular marketing firms, but you also may want to look at how various corporations deal with their digital marketing. There is a lot of discussions to be had when it comes to this type of term paper.

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The Trend in Digital Ad Spending

In recent years, companies have started to divert a lot more of their marketing budgets towards the digital arena. You may want to look at these trends. You may want to take a little look at how ad spending will change over the years. Do you ever foresee a time when the bulk of a company’s spending is on digital marketing?

The Importance Of Mobile In Digital Marketing

Lots of ground can be covered when it comes to mobile and digital marketing. You may want to think a little bit about how apps can drive sales. You may want to think about the fact that the vast majority of people are ditching their computers in favor of mobile devices. How do you feel that this is going to impact the world of digital marketing?

The Impact Of Social Media On Buying Decisions

We all know how important social media is for the daily lives of many, many people. In this type of term paper, you may want to take a little look at how social media impacts buying decisions for people. What seems to convert more? Will it is ad spend, or will it be naturally shared posts? How can you tailor a campaign to increase the conversion rate?

Email Marketing

All successful digital marketing campaigns will now involve email marketing. If you ever work in digital marketing, then you will have email as a key part of your job. Lots to cover in this type of term paper. For example; you may want to look at the way in which email marketing may influence the purchasing decisions of a consumer. You may want to talk about sales funnels. You may want to talk about the technical aspect of email marketing

Hyper-Local Marketing

Not all digital marketing takes place on a grand scale. In fact, if you are just getting started in the world of digital marketing, then you may actually be working with local businesses. With this type of term paper, you may want to look at local marketing techniques i.e. on a town or city-scale. How does this type of marketing differ from national or international digital marketing?

Content Marketing

Content marketing will always be a key part of any digital marketing campaign. How is content marketing carried out nowadays? Are there any trends? What is the ideal type of content and how do you get eyes on it? You may want to look at the way that content marketing has changed over time, for instance.

Analyzing Campaigns

Again, something that you will be doing a lot when you work in digital marketing. In this type of term paper, you will want to look at ways in which digital marketing campaigns are analyzed. You could perhaps look at split-testing. You will want to see what makes a successful campaign. That sort of thing. Again, lots of ground to be covered…