WordPress is the open source software application and content management system. Almost 50 to 60% websites on the interest run this CMS making it the best option if you would like to develop a new website. However, due to its open source feature, this platform has its restrictions. The most common one is that it looks similar to other websites. It can prove highly risky for those especially if you would like to develop a unique a branded websites that stand out the best from the rest. A custom theme can give you a highly branded website that you can easily run on the platform of WordPress. Let’s have a discussion over the benefits of custom and premium WordPress themes.

Custom WordPress themes

WordPress themes for blogs/sites built upon this CMS are categorized into premium and free themes. These free themes are available publically for download. However, custom themes are premium templates that are not publically available for download. They have developed to sumatch specific business requirements accordingly.

Custom WordPress themes

Who Develops A Custom Theme

Agencies or individual developer program a custom theme. The qualification for the WordPress theme developer is the understanding of CMS and different technologies used to develop it such as JavaScript, CSS and PHP. The developed theme must be compatible with one or more existing plugins, widgets and versions.

Cost Of A Developed Theme

There are different factors involved in determining the cost of a custom theme. These factors are:

  • Project duration
  • Theme specifications and features
  • Whether you hire an agency or an individual
  • Additional services required besides the developing phase

While considering all these factors, WordPress theme development can cost between hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, it is more expensive to go for a custom theme as compared to purchasing the premiumtheme.

Benefits Of A Custom Theme

Custom theme development requires high cost, however; it can be worth investing if you would like to have the following feature on your website.

1. Ownership Right

Premium templates offer some partial ownership. You can customise the WordPress theme to meet the needs of a specific website. However the developer site has its ownership rights. Custom WordPress themes offer you complete ownership rights. Once the theme is developed, the developer transfers its ownership status to you. Besides such customization, you can offer the template for premium or free to others.

Benefits Of Custom Theme2. Brandable WordPress Site

If you would like to have a template that looks like available premium or free theme, a custom theme is the best option. Custom design gives you more command how to develop the complete outlook of the WordPress site. It allows you to give more focus on different functionalities you may add on a website that is not handled well by premium or free templates.

In a nutshell, if you would like to launch a highly functional and branded WordPress website, having a custom developed theme for the website is the best option. A developed or custom template offers you good control and offers you complete ownership of the template.