All businesses need to get rid of their data they hold at some point, whether it be customer records, client records or some much more sensitive like credit card information and banking information. Not destroying data properly can lead to all kinds of problems and issues down the line. Nobody wants to be the company that gets outed for the findings of sensitive data.

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Even though we live in a technological era, we still use paper and files. A lot of companies, in fact I think ALL companies use a shredder at least. Great to use, but these can still be put back together if someone has the time and the means to do it.

Why Would Someone Need Your Data?

Plenty of reasons to think right off the bat, identity fraud is one of the largest types of fraud circulating right now, a criminal would love a stash of your old customer database with names, addresses and other personal information to help them on their merry way!

There has been cases where records have been found and the criminals try to extort money out of the Business or they will release them to people such as the media or other blackhat organised crime figures.

You can use an industrial shredder hire company, they will come right to the door of your Business so you can dispose of everything and they will take it away for you, leaving your premises all nice and clean.

The Problem With Data Sticks

Data sticks are the absolute worst things to have when it comes to security, the reason being, they are so small and easily lost! Some sticks can now carry more information than most laptop hard drives and they are getting bigger in terms of GB and smaller in terms of size, this is a nightmare waiting to happen.



All hard drives in your company can also be properly disposed of, hard drive destruction is a specialised field. If you smashed a hard drive open and to pieces, you would still be able to recover data from it as I have seen in Hacker cases worldwide, their hard drives were smashed the bits and still used in the court of law against them!

Product Destruction

If you are planning on a remodel of the office network, you may want to hire a company to take all of your old equipment and render it completely useless. This was mainly thrown in the trash or in huge dumpsters, these days people will take it and sell it at fairs and what not, who knows what type of hands they will fall into.

Once your new equipment is installed and the servers have been restored onto the new, have them completely obliterated!