Like most things with a personal touch, computer desktops, or home screens if you will, can tell an entire story about someone’s personality, what they like and dislike, or who they hold dear. While some do a better job than others when it comes to hiding these personal details, others leave everything “on the table”, and their computer screens are like open books for anyone interested.

What can be learned from a computer screen?

Depending on how someone chooses to organize and customize their desktop, you can get a sense of the kind of person you’re dealing with. Let’s take a look and see what kind of hints you can look out for if you want to learn more about a friend or colleague.

Choosing a wallpaper

  1. Looking for clues between the icons is a neat way of discovering more about a person, but their wallpaper is right there, in your face. As such, you may find that some really obvious traits about their personality come out when you take a second look at what they’ve chosen as their desktop picture.
  2. You can tell from a wallpaper what is the most important thing in a person’s life. For instance, if they have a beautiful picture of nature scenery, it might mean that they like to travel and explore the world. If they have a picture of their friends, they might be a popular individual. In this respect, parents often use pictures of their kids as desktop wallpapers.
  3. People who sport wallpapers of medals and trophies are usually the kind of people who like to remember their glory days and to enjoy their past success. They also like to be defined and remembered for their accomplishments. However, whether those are really their trophies on-screen or a wallpaper from wallwiz is hard to tell.

There are plenty of things to be learned about a person, and it’s astonishing just how out in the open some really personal details are. Keeping your eyes opened for little details like these can help you learn a lot about someone.

Organizing icons

Icons play a big role when it comes to deciphering someone’s personality. There are a couple of tells related to icons:

  1. If a person has a lot of rows of icons across their screen, it means that they like having everything on hand, and they like being ready to go in a matter of moments. They don’t like having to look for stuff, so they make sure that everything is within reaching distance when they need it.
  2. People that just have a lot of icons on their screen, period, can be classified as disorganized people and you can pretty much assume that they lose focus very easily. Organization isn’t their strong suit, and they can let things degenerate into a big mess.
  3. Those who choose to keep equal number of icons on each side of the screen are very organized people and they like achieving balance. These are important traits for them and usually they can be counted on with keeping an organized agenda.