When it comes to the automotive industry, people have been able to get around in cars for roughly one hundred years now. However, as the century has progressed in many other areas, so have cars, and they’re so much more now than just a way to get from point A to point B. Just as cell phones have turned into smartphones, cars are beginning to catch onto the technology revolution.

Cars are becoming more and more like large smart devices as we figure out new ways to keep drivers and passengers safe and make the journey from beginning to end more efficient and effective. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent automotive technology trends that you need to know about.

1. Advanced Driver Assistance System

An advanced driver assistance system, otherwise known as ADAS, is the development of a technology that is designed with the driver’s convenience in mind. It has paved the way to help reduce the driver’s workflow while they are in the process of driving the car.

It mainly consists of vision systems that are embedded around the perimeter of the car so that all angles and aspects of the drive can be seen. This information can then be used to protect the vehicle and the driver against road obstacles, as well as pedestrians and other vehicles. While systems like this used to be quite complex, these days, they have been simplified and can be found in most new car models.

2. Virtual Car Tour

If you’re someone who is thinking about purchasing a car soon, but you know that based on the restrictions around social distancing in your area, make it difficult to do so in person, you can make the most of new buying technology with the power of the internet.

You will already know that most things are online these days, but one thing that you might not be aware of is that you can check out your potential vehicle through the power of virtual reality. There are a lot of car dealerships these days that are choosing to post a virtual car tour on their website so that potential buyers can check out the car inside and out without even having to leave their lounge. This is a great way to safely find out everything about the vehicle you’re interested in.

3. Advanced Motor Control

Most modern cars now come with advanced motor control systems that can help to improve the efficiency and control of the vehicle in general. This type of system allows for acceleration and deceleration in a way that’s much more precise than in older models.

Of course, this type of technology typically isn’t cheap. However, just like with other examples on this list, it is becoming a lot more simplified, and as a result, is becoming cost-effective, too. The ultimate goal is to have a stable operation in most car models so that you can control the speed of the vehicle without human error getting in the way.

4. Vehicle Communication

One of the key trends in the automotive industry right now is connectivity. Intelligent traffic systems are being created so that you can avoid potentially dangerous collisions, as well as send vehicle notifications to databases that provide car diagnostics.

Other vehicle communication components are used to do simple, everyday things, like parking. The point is that vehicle to everything communication allows your car to send out the right data so that technology can be improved, and you can be warned of a potential accident headed your way. The thing about car technology is that it’s always being worked on and improved, so the more information engineers are receiving, the better they can do their job.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a vehicle right now, there’s a lot more to it these days than perhaps last time you made the switch. Check out the shifts in technology in the automotive industry so that you can know what to expect.