Ever since the Apple and Google app stores were opened, users have been downloading and filling up their devices with meaningless apps, to ones that have become classics.

Smartphones allowed developers to create games that have been downloaded in the billions. Titles such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds have been enjoyed by countless people in a variety of formats. There have also been many great apps created for educational purposes, or to help users in other practical ways.

According to Statista, the average user had 20 apps installed on their phone in 2021. However, if you take a look at your own device now, there may be a different story. Plenty of people install numerous, and often unnecessary apps on their phones and end up consuming storage space for no real reason.

With this in mind, here is a short article with a list of essential apps that you might want to include in your downloads if you can find space for them.

How can you find the most essential apps for your phone?

If you are keen to find more apps for your devices then there are plenty of places to get advice from. The Play Store has recommended download options, and many of these are free. Also, there are websites dedicated to all things in this area such as Apps UK.

These app websites aren’t just about making recommendations, they will also explain why an app might not be working, or how to get the most out of your new download.

One other option is to Google your actual device and search for recommended apps for it. Not all devices can run everything on the Play Store, so searching out specific device-related advice can be very helpful.

What are the most crucial apps every phone should have today?

It will be impossible to produce a one-size-fits-all list of apps as people have very different interests. The best cricket apps for Indian fans are very specialized whereas others are more mainstream such as Netflix’s own app.

Therefore, here are simply several app recommendations that you may want to seriously consider having on your device.

Streaming TV app

Again, it is hard to name one app that will suit everyone, and the app you choose may depend on your current subscriptions or your personal taste.

Obviously, Netflix is the biggest hitter here, but HBO Max, Disney Plus, and others also have their own dedicated apps. For something away from the main boys, you might want to try out MegaBox instead.

Online banking app

For anyone utilizing online banking, having an app installed is crucial. Being able to keep an eye on your transactions and activity at any moment can help reduce the chances of fraud. Particularly important at this current time.

VLC Player

Fond of downloading movies to watch on the go? Not a fan of Netflix? Get VLC Player installed instead. Possibly the best movie player that can be on your device.


If you need to store or send files between devices or over the net, then Dropbox should fulfill your needs. It comes as a free version, but heavy users may find they need to pay for extra storage.


Photo editing tools abound on the Play Store, and of course, Adobe has its own Photoshop apps available. However, this Google-owned app has an excellent array of tools and filters for those who like to adjust and mess around with their snaps.

Social media

This could take up two or three or more spaces on your mobile device. Depending on how involved you are with social media, you may want to install the Facebook app, TikTok, and more.


Speaking of social media, here is an app for the rich and famous. Instagram can provide some entertainment, but if you are involved in blogging or marketing online, then you will need this app to hand.

Messenger, Whatsapp, and Signal

Possibly the two most popular methods of communicating online now are the first two apps in the sub-heading. Which one you prefer may be down to you, but you probably need both so you can contact that one person who refuses to install Messenger. Yet, you might also want to think about Signal. If you are worried about security when messaging, then this is the app to use.


Security is more important than ever now that ecommerce has exploded. Lastpass helps to keep all your passwords secure in its vault, while also helping you to generate unique, strong passwords.

The average person has somewhere in the region of 80 different passwords. If you can’t remember all of yours and have a tendency to repeat them across sites, it might be an idea to install Lastpass.

Podcast addict

According to TechCrunch, there were 218 billion app downloads in 2020. This was a record, and possibly had something to do with the pandemic and lockdowns.

When boredom set in, people went to the net to search for new entertainment. Podcast addicts can provide billions of episodes for your enjoyment.

Tiny Scanner

This is a handy device for anyone who finds themselves constantly taking photos of notes. Instead of ending up with Jpegs of documents, Tiny Scanner lets you scan anything you see and produce a PDF file from it.


You likely have Google Maps as standard on your device, but you might want to add this app too. Waze is also part of the Google suite of apps and software but operates differently.

Waze lets other drivers connect and provide real-time information. This means information about traffic jams, roadworks, and delays are available to you.

Vast VPN

There are many VPNs available for download, and Vast is just one of them. While this free app is advert-heavy, once you have connected you can exit the app and never see an ad again. It also supports connections from countries such as the United Kingdom which many free VPNs don’t.


Another essential app should be some form of anti-malware and virus protection. AVG is a good choice for the latter and comes in a free-to-use app.

What apps you find important will depend on how you use your mobile device. If it is for work then LastPass and Tiny Scanner may be very handy. If you like to travel then having a VPN and a streaming app can provide safe entertainment anywhere.

Google and Apple both provide safe areas for downloading apps. And, as many of them are free, you can download and play with as much as you like until you find your own personal selection of useful apps