Creating an impressive exhibition stand is essential if you want to create a lasting and favourable impression while standing out at trade shows. It’s true, first impressions count for a lot and that is especially true when you’re trying to attract traffic to your stand. While your company may have one-of-a-kind products or services, you still need incredible visual appeal, a well-versed trade show team and a stand that people want to linger at. So it’s worth hiring exhibition contractors to ensure your potential leads aren’t steered away from you and straight into the arms of your competitors.

So here are some top tips for making sure your exhibition stand is eye-catching and attractive to passers-by.

7 Tips For Designing An Exhibition Stand

What Are your Exhibiting Goals?

You need to start off by identifying your objectives for attending trade shows and the type of message you want to communicate with your stand. Brief these goals to your exhibition contracts so they can keep them in mind when designing your stand.

Who is Your Target Market?

When designing an exhibition stand, you need to keep your target audience in mind if you’re to focus your offerings towards their needs and desires.

Making the Most of the Space

Whether you’ve hired a smaller or larger space at the show, your stand needs to take full advantage of that space. Make sure you capitalise on the full height of the space, too, to help you really stand out at the shows. If height is on your side, make sure your logo is predominantly displayed by:

  • Use a rotating sign atop a top truss
  • Create a high arch for the display
  • Build a tall centre tower

Have your exhibition contractors ensure that there aren’t any physical barriers or other obstructions at the entrance of your stand.

What to Say?

When it comes to coming up with text, less is more for your stand. Wording should be short and clear. Sometimes single words are highly effective as are action verbs.

Another pointer is to use large fonts that stand out from a distance. Text placed on the top part of the stand will avoid being blocked by people milling around the display area.

What About Graphics?

Graphics are crucial for Exhibition Stands. By using the right sort of images, your ideas can be highly effectively conveyed, without even needing words. Life-sized images are also powerful and impactful. Again, keep the target audience in mind and use images that will most appeal to them. Don’t forget to include your company logo to create coherence.

Just like the text, carefully consider size and placement of images to ensure they will not be obscured.


Adding lighting to your display areas is a must. It’s a method that is proven to increase foot traffic while making sure your intended message is noticeable and well expressed.

Lighting also helps your visitors to read text clearly and see your displays. It also sets the atmosphere, creating a memorable image for your brand. What’s more, clever use of lighting will help to highlight certain areas or products on the stand and bring attention to those.

Angled light boxes are a creative use of lighting techniques and make a great impact when used at the entrance of the exhibition stand. Coloured lighting will create a rather different atmosphere and help you stand out from the competition even more.

Materials to Use

Exhibition contractors will best advise which materials to use for your stand. High-tech companies tend to opt for the likes of brushed aluminium or chrome and silver details to convey the message that they’re cutting-edge. More traditional brands like woody, earthy tones. Fabric dividers will help to introduce meeting areas and other separate areas for your exhibition stand.

By making use of professional exhibition contractors, you will be sure that your stand will stand head and shoulders above the competition.