If you have a strong online brand presence, it means that people instantly recognize the value that your brand can add to their lives. Kleenex, for example, has such a strong brand presence that people uses the brand name to describe tissues. There are a lot of tools available online that you can use in your marketing efforts to establish your brand.

In order to boost your brand’s presence on Google, you have to make sure that your website and other online content adhere to the principles of search engine optimization. Fully optimizing your content will require you to take continuous and multiple actions. Let’s take a look at the things you can do to create a strong brand presence on Google.


Your products or services don’t exist in isolation from people’s everyday lives. When you produce written content, you establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Since written content in the form of blogs and articles is valuable to prospective clients, it also increases traffic to your website and offers.

There are a few places where you can post blogs or articles to ensure that they reach your target market. Your own blog is the first place where you should post content. Share the links to your different social media platforms with relevant hashtags so to get followers that may be interested in your blog topics and products. You can also make use of platforms with built-in audiences like Medium and Quora. You can build links with Stellar SEO to send people to your website where they can be converted into buyers.

When you provide your audience with valuable information that is relevant to your products or services, they will start seeing your brand as a source of information as well as a solution to their problems. Google and other search engines will pick this up and boost your search rankings.


It is of utmost importance that you make your audience’s life as easy as possible whenever they interact with your online assets. They should be able to connect with you using their mobile phones, your website’s on-site navigation has to be clear and simple, and your website’s loading speed has to be fast enough to avoid frustration.

When your users and website visitors have pleasant interactions with your website, they tend to stay longer, read more, and click on your call-to-action buttons. This decreases your bounce-rate, which is excellent for your search ranking on Google.

Getting these things right can have a very positive influence on your sales and income. When your website takes long to load, however, and people get lost on your website, they will leave. Google’s algorithms will notice, and they will try to keep you away from their results pages and their users’ eyes.

Long-term Value

Although the content on your websites should always adhere to the old-school rules of selling, it is important that you focus on adding value, rather than hard selling. For example, if you contribute to a discussion on an online forum, it is important that you address the problem and provide a solution rather than spamming the discussion board with your links. You have to be willing to provide value without payment. This will help you build a loyal audience that sees your brand as a long-term provider of value.

Don’t Pull the Plug too Soon

It is important to remember that establishing a strong brand presence on Google will take some time. Consistently producing content and promoting it on social media and regularly auditing your website to ensure that it’s functional and user-friendly will result in some results here and there.

As time goes by and as you keep on adding value to your target audience’s lives, you start seeing a solid stream of traffic to your website. Your brand will become established and synonymous with the product or service that you have to offer.