The current market and economic landscape have made it very clear for all businesses that if they want a shot at prospering today, they will need to invest in developing an online presence. The simplest translation for this would be to have their own websites which would contain information and tools related to the company at hand. Not all business owners are properly introduced to modern technology, reason for which they haven’t created a website yet. However, it has turned from an extra feature that can bring some bonus attributes to the table to an absolutely necessary feature that will go heavily noticed if missing. This has made more and more entrepreneurs interested in how to make a website, so they can boost the marketing efficiency of their businesses as well as their online presence.

Creating with a reason

If you set out to create your own company website, it is important to first assess the reasons why you are doing it. Online visitors will quickly sniff out any attempt of pure profit, so going into this new unchartered territory with nothing to offer is not a good idea. You need a reason a little more intricate than just “everybody is doing it” when it comes to building a website, so think what is it that you want to express or provide through this new site.

Picking out the name

The website domain name is an incredibly important step in the journey. The site domain name is represented by the URL that people will click on to get redirected to your website.  Domain names usually end with .com, .net or other similar extensions. And most of them begin with www. That being said, be careful when you pick out your domain name because it will heavily impact multiple parts of your business.

The company name or occupation definitely has to be included in the name in some way. If the company is called Dave’s Parts for example, you can pick something as simple as, provided that it’s not an already taken domain name. This is the time when you need to be inventive as the domain name will also prove to be a major aspect of the marketing side of the website.

Picking a web host

Web hosts are the internet version of rent. You pay a regular fee to a web hosting provider which in exchange gives you are server to build your website on. All the website pages that you build won’t magically appear on the internet, so you need a web hosting service to put them there.

Website layout

It’s very important to remember that a successful website is more than just a welcoming page. That means that your company website shouldn’t take the appearance and feel of a cardboard cutout. Each button on your home page needs to lead to another page on the site, and there has to be a healthy number of buttons. Make sure that your website visitors will be able to experience all the content on the website through the way you layer and plan your different pages. Speaking of content, make sure to include everything you want people to know about your company  including the services and products you provide.