HalfLife: Counter-Strike launched in 1998 on PC as a first-person shooter with decent gameplay for its time. It has since then evolved into a global phenomenon, with online gaming fanatics fighting each other on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). It’s getting so big that industry leaders like Betway Esports have begun making video content. 

Let’s take a quick look at what this competitive multiplayer game features.

Gameplay And Ranking

No matter which game mode you prefer, you can choose between two sides. The Terrorists and Counter-terrorists have different objectives, characters, and weapons. Teamwork is paramount to success, as you’ll work with others to wipe out your opponents.

CS: GO has two ranking systems. The Matchmaking Rank looks at your skill level based on the modes you play. As you compete with others online, the game places you in lobbies against others with similar ranks. You increase your level by completing objectives while killing your enemies.

There is also the XP Rank system. You gain experience by completing game missions or taking part in online events. You and your items earn valuable XP, which unlocks more weapons and customizations. 

Graphics And Items

The user-interface provides accessibility to all the gaming news and updates. The main lobby shows you your character levels and vital information before you step into a match. You can also find all your weapons and items to prepare for taking on your foes.

While CS: GO has advanced in terms of graphic quality, it doesn’t hold up against top games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. However, it still has fantastic effects, which will make you feel like you’re part of the action. The vast array of items and weapons textures are also stunning to behold, as long as you have a decent gaming PC.

Community Events

Of course, the most significant aspect of CS: GO is the online gaming community. Players have the chance to compete against each other professionally while earning money when they win. 

With Counter-Strike entering the esports arena, the developer has had to ensure that no cheating is possible. To this end, it created the Overwatch system as an addition to the Valve Anti-Cheat system. Moderators can watch game replays and demos with security tools to see if any fraud is involved. If there is, the player is banned from future online events.

Competing in qualifiers 

What started as a simple first-person shooter has grown into a massive online community of gamers taking each other on for the win. With an excellent variety of weapons, modes, cosmetics, and items, you’ll be spoilt for choice in offline and online selections. If you want to take on the big guns, you can compete in qualifiers and make your way to exciting CS: GO tournaments with massive cash prizes.

Overall, we recommend Counter-Strike to anyone who gets a thrill in buying weapons and offloading bullets in a virtual arena.