Live games are becoming more prominent within the online casino space, yet it appears that this hasn’t spread into all areas of the discipline. A notable absentee from the live game space is bingo which is a game that traditionally has relied on mass interaction to be successful. This has led to speculation over how soon the movement into the live space is.

The one thing that’s integral to understand at this current point is where the bingo sphere currently sits in relation to the other areas of the online casino space. Much like a lot of other games, the ability to play online bingo at Paddy Power runs through well-established channels. These can include the fact that bingo games are usually themed to all sorts of contexts and historical eras which distinguishes their looks from one another. Today, the main methods of playing these are within web browsers and currently, the option for live games is nowhere to be seen.

With that being said, the game of bingo has been one that has been reluctant and stubborn to any changes made within the space. This is indeed the furthest thing from the truth. Over its history, bingo has undergone several revolutions, not only from its initial move to the online space but also from the fact it has been at the forefront of industry-specific developments.

These have included the introduction of hybrid games like Slingo that fuses bingo and slot games. The ever-evolving nature of bingo has also changed its image somewhat. Younger people now comprise the main portion of the player base in online scenarios, unlike the in-person variant. Some of this is not only thanks to the way bingo is in the 21st century but also thanks to the fact younger people are traditionally more tech-literate than those older.

Live casino games have often been lauded for the fact they provide a much more immersive experience than those computerized counterparts. These digital games have often been the focus of providers. However, as tech moves on with more stable networking and advances in streaming technology, it becomes possible to glean that perhaps online casinos should be basing their content focus more around the live games than anything else. Bingo would be a key component of this content shift, especially given that a live version of the game doesn’t appear to have existed previously.

In its more traditional setting, bingo is a game that prides itself on its sense of community. Moreover, the fact it draws an audience and therefore having a live version would give it a greater degree of immersion and as a result, increased realism.

Bingo, as a game, is one that has often been at the forefront of developments within the online casino industry, and therefore, the move to live games makes sense. It would allow for a more immersive experience, as well as adding another string to the game’s ever-growing bow. Potentially expanding the audience too.