With the outbreak of coronavirus on a global scale we can safely expect some drastic changes when it comes to the business sector. This also led to the transition of different work teams to work from home without any preparation. This is where you will find  Unified Communications to be one of the most effective solutions through which you get a mode of communication that ensures that your business work smoothly without any complications. 

Unified communications refer to a single cloud-based multi-channel communication platform that allows you to send text, audio, video, emails,  share files, and store your sensitive work data on different cloud platforms. This way you get an effective and efficient way through which employees can communicate and share information with each other safely and effectively. 

The Changes You Can Expect With Unified Communication After Coronavirus

Most of the European companies are already outlining plans so that they can work effectively and maintain their productivity after the lockdown is over. This is why it is really important to consider the different factors that are going to affect our lives and workplace habits after this lockdown. 

Here are some definites changes that we are going to witness when it comes to the business sector as soon as this lockdown is over. 

1. Increase In The Number Of Professional Working Remotely 

Consider how important social distancing is, working for home is going to change drastically. As  70% of the global workforce were already working remotely once in a week. We can see a drastic change in the number of professionals working from home. Moreover, most of the organizations out there are also trying to set up applications and systems through which they will be able to make the communication part more effective. This is where Unified communication systems are going to be highly effective and useful in maintaining the efficiency of the worker working from home. 

2. More Flexibility 

We are going to witness the rise of digital nomadism really soon. These digital nomads are known for the flexibility that they have in their work. With jobs like website designing, content editing and writing, online teaching, software development, and much more; you will see how this trend will gain more popularity and validation as well. Moreover, the constant development of unified communication will also facilitate this process even further allowing individuals to maintain their productivity as they work from home. 

3. Video Conferencing Replacing Traditional Meeting

Video conferencing is another phenomenon that will be widely adopted by every industrial sector. For instance, 80% of executives agreed that video conferencing is taking over from audio conferencing. This is why you will find that video conferencing is going to be the most popular form of communication for professionals after the lockdown is over.

This is where using 3CX WebRTC Conferencing can be quite effective and productive as you get amazing features such as electronic whiteboards, touchscreen interoperability, annotation functions as you share content, and multi-screen interactions. 

Moreover, cost efficiency is another big factor that makes video conferencing one of the best choices when it comes to communication between working individuals as they work from home. 

If you are looking for more information on maintaining different communication channels for your business? Get in touch with our professional team and learn what you can do to maintain the work efficiency of your business in these uncertain times.