Many cool new gadgets were introduced last year. New ones are coming out this year and we are excited. This gadget is designed to make your life easier and better. Now, you can use your johnnykash online casino winnings to get one of these gadgets. Below, we list just some of the coolest new gadgets that are coming out. Enjoy!

Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug

This mug is just perfect. It will make you enjoy your coffee more. It is designed in such a way that it has internal heating technology. Therefore, it will keep your coffee or tea hot for an hour. That means there is no reason for you to keep reheating your coffee. In addition, you can use a Bluetooth connection app to steep your coffee to your ideal temperature. You can get this cool gadget from Amazon for just $129.95.

Lenovo Smart Clock With Google Assistant

Interactive screens are nothing new, all thanks to things like Google Hubs, Facebook Portals, and many more. This gadget is very simple and will tell you things like when to charge your phone, what time it is, and wakes you up in the morning. If you are connected to Google Assistant, you can tell it to do even a whole lot more. We love that it is very small and stylish at the very same time.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

The last gadget in the list costs just $199 from Amazon or rather play sports betting usa. You will get a combination of sunglasses and wireless earbuds in one. These sunglasses have frames that play music. The music is streamed from your phone by the use of a Bluetooth connection. This allows you to hear your favourite music while you get about you work. You can also change the frame if you do not like the shape of it.