Whether you’re an avid hunter who enjoys hunting in the great outdoors or a hobbyist who just picked it up the other day, you should know that it’s only with the appropriate hunting gear that your adventure can be successful.

Well, it might interest you that there’s a wide assortment of new hunting gear and technology gadgets that will make you a better hunter.

So, if you’re planning to set out on a hunting trip, don’t forget to shop around for the following cool hunting gadgets!

Lifesaber Hand-Cranked Outdoor Power Generator

This relatively compact outdoor gadget will surprise you with the over ten different applications it offers. The Lifesaber was designed to make your hunting adventures in the depth of the wilderness much easier and manageable. This multitool features a flashlight, a siren, a strobe light, a flashlight, a panic button, a plasma fire starter, an SOS beacon, etc. all rolled up into one.

With the Lifesaber, you get all that you need to delve into the most remote and darkest hunting grounds without having to struggle. It is also an unlimited source of power to recharge your phone and ensures you can easily reach out for help in case of an emergency.

Thor’s Hammer Survival Bracelet

Just like its name suggests, this survival bracelet comes with a brutal design yet still maintains a work-of-art appearance that will easily enhance your sense of outdoor style. But style aside, the Thor’s Hammer is the ideal center centerpiece for your survival in the wild.

Going by Norse mythology, the bracelet is a symbol of courage and strength and will protect the user against disease. Not to mention that it increases your fertility! But that’s not all the sentimental value you get from the bracelet, it also comes with a unique Celtic knot to symbolize eternal love or friendship.

Carbon Air Stealth EC Bow

The PSE Carbon Air Stealth is one of the most advanced bows you can find in the market today. Engineered around an updated monocoque carbon riser, this must-have accessory is built using a single piece of carbon to result in a stronger and stiffer frame than other carbon risers.

Thanks to the integrated S-RAC technology core, the bow is conveniently lightweight at only 3.3lbs and feels dead in your hand. It also features Wedge Lock Pockets for simplified turning. Pair this bow with the best hunting arrows and you can always look forward to hitting the target!

EDC Field Kit

You won’t be ready to set out on your hunting excursion without the EDC field kit in hand. This package carries everything you’ll need to survive the scariest hunting grounds yet still comes with a convenient build for everyday carry. Some of the useful tools included are a 10” knife, a 300 lumens flashlight, 20ft of 550 paracords, a compass, a diamond sharpener, as well as a rod fire starter.

Aside from that, you get a canvas tactical pouch where you can stow away any useful accessories you want to bring along. Lastly, its adjustable holster lets you shift the position of each tool easily to a better spot, making for a versatile gadget for any avid hunter.

23-in-1 Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool

The Hunters Shove Tool comes with everything that a modern camper, traveler, climber, adventurer, or hunter could ever wish for. It is manufactured using military-grade martensitic stainless steel via 100% molding and casting.

A concealed fire starter will come in handy when you want a flame to keep warm or cook a quick cup of coffee when it gets too cold for comfort. You can also use it to chop planks of wood or shovel any dirt that you may want to use. Furthermore, the Shovel tool can offer climbing aid when you press the shift to change the angle on the shovel face.

Custom Engraved Sundial Compass

If you are a fan of artifacts and antiquities, this exquisite sundial will keep you interested throughout your adventure. Aside from the unique aesthetics, the compass brings a fair share of functional and symbolic value.

Designed with brass, it boasts a special vintage appeal while the compass feature ensures that you always navigate your way back to safety when you stray further than you can remember. You also get a sundial at the top to make for a multipurpose gadget that will make your hunting adventures more satisfying.

Final Thought

Hunting can be a challenging affair for anyone who goes unprepared! It takes a lot of planning to ensure that everything goes well in the wilderness. If you want to bring back a trophy from your hunts, the above cool hunting gadgets will be a great addition to your arsenal.