Almost every Apple operating system release is a huge hit. MacOS Catalina is the latest Apple operating system version. The operating system comes with a significant number of changes in terms of updated apps and new features. Here some of the macOS Catalina’s cool features that stand out from the rest.

Screen Time App 

Managing the time spent on a screen can be a hectic task because it is hard to track. However, you should no longer worry about managing your or your family members’ screen time. The case is so because Catalina comes with a screen time management app. This feature enables users to manage screen time by setting application limits across their entire apple devices.

Besides, it generates app usage reports while giving an additional minute to finish what you were doing. Furthermore, you can regulate the people who can communicate with the children and when they can do so by setting communication limits. Therefore, you should not worry about getting addicted to ruletka because you can regulate the time you spend playing it. 

Apple TV, Podcasts, and Music Replace iTunes

During the official macOS Catalina release, Apple announced the demise of iTunes. Instead, the three will serve the purpose of it. Apple TV supports Dolby Atmos and 4K HDR. Also, it provides access to more than 100,000 iTunes TV shows and movies.

Apple podcasts contain a list of 700,000 plus shows where users can search the podcast episodes they want using either the discussion topic or the host, thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Apple music application is super-fast and comes with a library containing 50 million-plus music videos, playlists, and songs.

Sidecar Feature

The macOS Catalina supports dual-screen for iPads through the sidecar feature. A Mac user can use his or her iPad as a second screen companion for their Mac device. With sidecar features, Catalina users can drag their windows to their iPads and utilise it the way they would in an external monitor. Changes made to the mac window on your iPad will reflect on the Mac device in real-time. The sidecar feature can be used either through a wireless or wired connection.

Find My

Find My Friends and Find My iPhone have been integrated into macOS Catalina to form a new feature – Find My which enables you to locate your Mac device, whether asleep or awake. The Find My feature in macOS eases tracking Mac devices because it depends on the detection of Bluetooth signals. Therefore, the Mac device does not need any network connection for it to be traced.

Updated Photos Application 

MacOS Catalina comes with a revamped photos app. The app features and curates the best photos while eliminating duplicate shots and poor-quality images. Besides, the app spots larger photo previews, thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence that capture vital moments such as memories.   

Although the list is not exhaustive, those are some eye-catching features that come with the latest macOS version. Download or upgrade to macOS Catalina to enjoy these and other exciting highlights that will enhance your experience.