These days, cookies rule the online world. You can often be startled at just how accurate the ads targeting your PC can be – even when you have really diverse interests.

For those of us with an interest in financial matters – cookies can be particularly good – or bad, of course. It just depends whether you have a balanced diet or not. We all receive pop-ups and other ads continually encouraging us to try out different financial trading platforms as a route to wealth.

But at the same time, we also receive recommendations of people to follow on social media and particularly Twitter – who are willing to share with us their expertise and analysis of financial matters completely free of charge. Many traders online will be very candid about their latest trades – and the rationale for tm and this can be very enlightening. No-one gets them all right, of course, but many shrewd traders get a lot more right than they do wrong – and their advice is always worth listening to.

Different traders specialise in different markets including stock markets, commodities, foreign currency exchanges, futures exchanges and many more markets. There I virtually no limit to the number of markets you can trade – so specialisation and practice are the keys to success. If you can develop a niche expertise in a particular area – this can really play to your advantage.

So like most advice you’re given in life – with cookie-generated ads, people to follow on Twitter and posters on various financial sites – it’s really a matter of weighing things up for yourself and deciding what, if any, the motivations are of the people or organisations imparting that advice. If you trial and test the advice from different sources over a period of time in your chosen financial sphere, you begin to build up a picture of whose advice you can trust – who is really worth listening to.

We all yearn for financial freedom and the promises and trading systems are, therefore, extremely tempting. Some traders are world famous billionaires – which proves it can be done exceedingly well! And we all like to read the stories of people like George Sorosnearly breaking the Bank of England thanks to his shrewd and courageous trading.

So when it comes to choosingtrading platform – make sure there’s a free trial in demo mode only as there is with Tradefair’s platform, for example. At least this way you can see for yourself whether your own strategies are working, and those of others, too. Tradefair covers over 3,000 different world markets, so you’re rather spoilt for choice.

Just beware and try to play it as carefully as you can at first. Human beings can beoverly optimistic but then again there are some very successful traders out there. Try to learn about trading strategies that limit your exposure – particularly as you find your feet. And as for the ads – learn to accept your cookies in moderation and they really can be good for your financial health.