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Configurator Apps Shorten Sales Cycle 

Configurator Apps Shorten Sales Cycle

If your company sells such products as air conditioning systems, complex medical equipment or data center hardware (which all consist of multiple parts), you should know that your sales often come as tough and time-consuming. However, mobile application developers at Science Soft are ready to prove you that to speed up and simplify sales, all you need is a configurator mobile app.


What’s the Challenge?

A great variety of components makes it impossible for a sales representative to assemble a set without tech experts’ guidance. In most cases it’s the seller’s engineering department that has enough competences to design a functioning system according to all client requirements and, if necessary, replace out-of-stock items or find cheaper alternatives. Basically, engineers are indispensable but their participation makes sales negotiations longer, while the role of a sales representative is reduced to that of an intermediary.

Configurator Changes the Game

A product configurator application is, in fact, a ‘portable engineer’with which sales representatives can communicate during their very first meeting with the customer.The app is to feature a window with an empty dashboard and a rich kit of your company’s product parts, which all can be dragged-n-dropped, as well as interlinked to create the individual set your customer wants.

Sure, configurator software is developed by engineers and embeds their knowledge,so it won’t let a user create a wrong, malfunctioning combination but notify about any inconsistency in the scheme. For a sales representative this feature means both a stress relief (since they won’t have to worry about mistakes in the configuration) and easy self-education (as they will inevitably absorb useful and detailed knowledge about the products too).


The Perks

What’s especially convenient in taking a configurator app to a customer meeting is that a sales representative will assemble the configuration right in front of the customer, show them the result and tell the end price. Also, instant changes can be made according to the customer’s feedback. And what if the customer wants to reduce the price and asks whether some of the parts can be substituted with less expensive ones? The app will offer technically suitable alternatives, compare prices and even show the current stock availability.

Your engineers can benefit too. Although about 20% of product configurator apps require technical support (due to the complexity of such apps’ core idea), in most cases the moment sales representatives start using configurator software, engineers’ input in presales will be reduced to app updates only. Without being involved in the sales processes, they will be able to concentrate on their tech tasks instead.

Summing up

With a configurator app you can easily shorten the sales process from 2-3 meetings (~4-6 weeks) of tiresome negotiations to 1-2 hours of a personal meeting with a customer. If you want to benefit from configurator apps or other types of sales mobile applications, contact us to get more information or to get your mobile development started with Science Soft.

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