If you’ve been considering getting into the NFT game, then you’ve probably also run into several instances of confusion. You might be wondering which NFT’s you should buy, when it is a good time to buy or sell them, or how to even keep track of the value of your own collection. These are worries of any person dealing with NFT’s whether they are newbies or pros. 

Here is where Compass.art enters the picture and changes everything for the better. Compass.art is an NFT analytics tool that is designed to make the art of trading NFT’s much more simple and doable for just about anyone. Let’s dive deeper into this new tool and see what it can do for you.

Targeting Trending NFT’s

New NFT collections are being released by the hundreds every single day each with their own special functions and purposes. But not every NFT experiences growth in asset value, so what we are interested in is finding those that could prove worthwhile to add to your own collection. But with so many projects, how do we figure that out?

Well, we don’t have to do the legwork ourselves. Compass.art has got our backs. With Compass.art you can spot worthwhile collections before they go mainstream and their price explodes. By tracking factors such as volume, sales, average price, floor and highest sale, Compass.art can show you which NFT projects are starting to trend. This allows you to get in on them before they reach mainstream audiences and this allows you to potentially net a pretty good profit. Early bird gets the worm!

Figuring Out When to Buy and Sell

It is no secret that maximizing the value of an NFT you own is to buy and sell it at just the right times. But figuring that out sounds just like pure guesswork. In a sense, that is true, same as with stocks etc. But there are ways to make this “guesswork” a little more grounded on sensible and solid information which can help in making the predictions become fruitful. 

Compass.art is capable of tracking the changes in pricing and volume sold over an adjustable period of time spanning from a single minute to 30 days. With this information it can create graphs for your viewing pleasure that helps illustrate where the price is most likely going to go. This will make it a lot easier for you to decide when you want to buy an NFT, but also when it is the best time to sell it to maximize your profits from your trades. It’s a simple and seamless process through and through. 

Developing Trading Confidence

Trading with NFT’s does require a level of confidence to be done fruitfully. You have to be willing to take some chances here and there to really see some nice profits that set you apart from the others. Without taking chances, the potential for a big score is pretty low. However, there is no reason to take chances without being well-informed first. That’s a pitfall that leads to great losses. 

With Compass.art you can develop your trading confidence when working with NFT’s. With the large amount of useful tools, analytics data and overviews, you can make sure you are well-informed before you take a chance on an NFT project. The more informed you are, the more confident you can act. It’s a simple equation and Compass.art is an essential component of that. 

Connect Your Wallet for Increased Overview

One of the first things you should do when getting started with Compass.art is to connect your crypto wallet to the site. All you have to do is press the green button in the top right corner that says “Connect With Wallet” when you hover over it. You’ll get a quick QR-code you can scan, and you’re good to go. 

Having your wallet connected is essential for a lot of the features on Compass.art. If your wallet is connected you’ll be able to get extensive information on changes regarding the NFT’s you already own. You can even receive alerts through Telegram and Discord if something big is happening. 

It is also necessary to have your wallet connected to use the premium features. Connecting your wallet will validate your premium access if you’ve bought it. 

Compass.art Premium Access

While some of Compass.art’s features can be used without paying a single cent, you are going to want to eventually obtain access to the premium features for a more round and valuable experience. This is especially true when it comes to the analytics information you’ll want to have access to when deciding to buy and sell NFT’s. Without premium access the info that is available to you is very limited.

Other useful data such as mints over time, holders over time, Twitter & Discord growth, and much more are also only available through a premium plan. And data such as this is invaluable when deciding to invest in an NFT.

The currently available payment plans are monthly, semi-yearly & yearly. However, there is also an option to gain lifetime access to all of the features of Compass.art. You can decide to invest in the Lifetime Pass, which is Compass.art’s very own NFT that can be bought on OpenSea. If you’re going to use Compass.art a lot over the years, then this might be the smartest choice. 

Trade Smarter Today

If you’ve ever been looking for a good way to ease yourself into NFT’s, and finally take the leap and buy your first ones then Compass.art is the best buddy to ally yourself with on the journey. Even if you are a more seasoned NFT trader, Compass.art will have many useful tools to make your job that much simpler. Trade smart, use Compass.art.