Businesses are facing a host of unprecedented challenges concerning COVID-19, and so are HR departments. Unemployment is rising, and the stakes are high. Companies can’t afford a “bad hire,” and the right job description software makes finding these employees a streamlined and straightforward process. 

If a meaningful human connection is the secret to closing a sale, teamwork is the secret to running a successful organization. Effectively pairing people together is a difficult balance that requires factoring in each person’s unique skill set, how they contribute to the group’s dynamics, and how this all comes together to serve the task at hand.

Putting together the right team can be challenging, especially for organizations with multiple departments. Modern job description software is designed to help companies discover the right prospective employees in less time while helping HR teams work smarter.

Read on to learn more about how it works.

Competency Mapping

What are the unique skills that define your organization? What qualities do you want to foster in your employees to give them the best opportunity for success? 

The best job description creators help you evaluate, select, and customize these characteristics that become the foundation of your business. Once you have a map of these characteristics, or “competencies,” your organization is seeking to fill, you’ll have a blueprint for knowing which prospective employees to pursue and how to get the most out of each one once they’re on the job. 

Rather than manually struggling to write the perfect job description, leverage AI data to produce more dynamic job descriptions linked to relevant job competencies for hiring.

The job description software tool you rely on should have over 600 multi-level competencies and a library of technical competencies, ensuring the data you manually collect from prospective employees is weighed and juxtaposed against an ample amount of validated, expert-reviewed content. 

Select With Confidence

Companies need to feel confident that they are hiring, retaining, and developing the right employees because these processes all cost time and money. 

Modern AI leverages data so HR personnel can operate efficiently and this helps take the guesswork out of the hiring process, so you get the best team in less time. The job description document becomes an important long-term talent management tool for your organization, rather than merely a single-use document that takes a lot of time to produce.   

The program will also help you build interview guides with questions that align with the skills and behaviours that your organization values. It’s a synergistic process that improves your core HR processes over time.

The initial job descriptors will be the foundation of your organization’s assessment. If an employee was hired based on possessing certain traits or qualities, it makes sense to follow up on the same basis. From recruitment, development, performance, planning and succession, your employees’ lifecycle will revolve around this one central record of truth.