CoinMooner intends to serve as a crypto community platform that offers token listings and a crypto tracker. Their main aim is to make cryptocurrency as accessible to people as possible. According to the roadmap, the platform seems to be quite ambitious, and it has realistic goals. They’re planning to develop games, a launchpad, and an NFT platform in 2022.

What Exactly Is the CoinMooner Platform?

CoinMooner is a new multifunctional platform related to decentralized finance (DeFi). There you can find new token listings, tech audits, long-reads about the crypto market, and much more. The new coin listing is a useful concept that systematizes tokens and highlights the most popular ones.

CoinMooner was launched in October 2021. It is developed by a team of successful and knowledgeable programmers with experience in large-scale projects. The team is based in the Netherlands. 

Today the CoinMooner community is expanding: according to Cloudflare, in just a couple of months after the launch of the platform, the number of unique users exceeded 1 million per month. The platform wants to stay relevant and keep up with rapid crypto growth. That’s why they encourage new developments and innovation. 

CoinMooner Website Features

The site has a convenient, user-friendly interface divided into sections. Navigating the site will not take much time. Each section is dedicated to its own topic, tool, or set of services, the purpose of which is to help users to get the information they need.

Lists Of Coins

On the Lists Of Coins page, you can see a crypto listing of the most promoted coins and their symbols. The coin tracker shows those who get to the top in real-time. They are distributed in descending order, where the highest token has the greatest popularity. There is also a regularly updated market cap, price changes on several timeframes, and the number of upvotes.

Adding Your Coin

To make the creation of cryptocurrencies more convenient, the platform offers an extremely simple algorithm. On the Add Your Coin tab, you need to fill out an open and pre-prepared form. To get into the new token listing, you need to specify the name, symbol, description, price, chain, and contract addresses. You can share social networks to increase your coin promotion. 

Promoting A Project

The CoinMooner team specializes in marketing and popularizing projects related to cryptocurrency and Defi. Managing traffic and increasing the audience of growing projects is the platform’s big goal. There you can find promotion packages and prices, like, for example, wide or pop-up banners. or KYC for projects.


If you often encounter difficulties in finding a suitable drop that would be reliable and promising, the Airdrop page is just for you. A drop means the release of an NFT project. Here you can see their list, name, and description, as well as the end date of the drop and possible reward. The list is also ranked by popularity.

GameFi – Blockchain-based Gaming

Today we witness the rise of play-to-earn games built on blockchain. You can look through the list of projects that deserve your attention, the description and features, as well as the impressive results of the work of game designers on the Games page.

About CoinMooner Token

Developers decided to create the CoinMooner token, which was launched on October 27, 2021. It was a safe investment, as the token should have utility and real use cases on the platform, like, for instance, reducing commissions. The token is listed on both PancakeSwap and CoinTiger – major cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Considering the token’s price, the all-time high of $0.0368 was reached on October 30, 2021. The asset has a built-in reward mechanism and carefully planned tokenomics.


CoinMooner is a developing, highly-attentive platform with a good reputation. The platform makes token listings easier than ever before since all you need to launch the coin is to fill the form. The distribution of information on the CoinMooner website is logical and easily accessible. The platform also provides entertaining features and news.