Building web pages professionally can be quite a tough ask, but if the programmers have something, which will smoothen the process, then nothing can beat that. The PHP language is very much part of the web page creation process, so the programmers would love to have a tool that would simplify the editing process of PHP files. Their prayers have been answered in the form of CodeLobster PHP Edition. Now, with the help of this IDE software, working with PHP has become an easy affair.

When we are talking about PHP, then other languages like the CSS, HTML, as well as JavaScript are also taken into account. All of these languages are put to use, if in case you are using PHP, which is based on IDE. Therefore, it is important that as a programmer, you have proper knowledge of all the computing languages. You will get to know more about this wonderful code tool, namely CodeLobster PHP Edition.


Sneak peek into CodeLobster

The CodeLobster is an IDE Software, which is based on Windows and by the end of this review; you will know why it is growing in popularity. There are experts who will be advising you to use CodeLobster PHP Edition, just because of the simplicity and the way it makes things easier for you to handle. Moreover, certain frameworks like Codelgniter, CakePHP, Yii, Symfony and Laravel have been used to build this software.

Features of CodeLobster PHP Edition

It mentions the type of codes separately and to top it all, mixed code id also supported by this tool. Therefore, where HTML is used, you will see that the HTML is highlighted, the same holds true for PHP as well as JavaScript, all in the same file. You can make your choice from the color schemes as well as the popular IDEs too.

  • Context Help – This is available on supported languages. The shortcut key for this is F1 and when you press it, the description will appear, for the current tag along with the function and attribute.
  • Auto-completion is a powerful one – Auto – completion process is quite powerful across all the languages, including, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 as well as PHP. When you are using PHP, the project structure is completely recognized, therefore the entire method’s list falls in places quite easily.
  • PHP debugger – The values of the variables in each line are displayed because PHP debugger allows the execution of the PHP scripts incrementally.
  • HTML/ CSS inspector – In case you are trying to correlate some selected elements of one page with proper style and a code, then you can make use of this feature.
  • Portable – There is no need of preliminary installation to use for using this editor.
  • SQL Manager – All your actions are produced, with a database in order to delete, add, edit structure as well as records in a table, executing SQL queries and export data. SQL files also support highlighting as well as auto-completion. Working directly with remote server is possible and that too the necessary changes can be done with the files as well.
  • Other useful features – Collapsing, pair highlighting, blocks selection capability, tooltips, preview marks and also the standard possibility of working with codes are some of the highlighted features as well.
  • Supports almost all major platforms– Codelobster supports all famous CMS and frameworks – Drupal CMS, Joomla CMS, Smarty Template Engine, Twig, Jquery library, CakePHP framework, Phalcon framework, Yii framework, etc.


As a programmer, you must have tried your hands with many tools, but if you are looking for IDE software or Internet Development Environment software, then look no further because CodeLobster is ranked quite high in terms of its functions and usage. This software will also help you in learning the PHP Edition, which the CodeLobster offers.