Cloud storage is hotting up as storage facilities become more stable, hosting becomes more reliable, and security measures more stringent. Research reveals that companies spend around a third of their IT budget on cloud services, which makes it all the more important to spend it on items that make sense. For a business, knowing when to change over to fresh new technology will have a significant effect on their bottom line. But it’s not always easy to know which of the trends to follow. Thankfully, there are a few that seem to stick out a little more than the rest.

NVMe Is The Key To A Swift Cloud Storage Solution 

Non Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is a Solid State Drive (SSD) solution that works at a staggering speed to allow users to reach stellar bandwidth. With this drive, users can expect data transfers of up to 3GB per second, which is a far cry from the 555MB per second offered by SATA SSDs. For those who need to transfer lots of information to and from the cloud, this addition to their hardware becomes invaluable.  While it’s been around for a few years, it’s only now that NVMe can be referred to as a trend, as more and more tech pros rally behind it.

Cloud Storage Security Gets A Boost From AI 

While free cloud storage is fairly safe, there have been a few hacks that have resulted in user data being compromised. Shopping around to find a data storage solution that provides additional layers of security can be daunting, however, those extra two or three layers of security are worth the effort. Currently, however, developers are working at using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and prevent security threats. By pairing the security aspect of AI up with a managed service provider that can easily adapt to the demands of AI, businesses and organizations will enjoy a secure cloud storage service.

Embrace The Multi-Cloud 

Cloud storage developers are starting to work together to provide users with a seamless cloud storage solution. Multi-cloud storage is ideal for companies that rely on different security protocols for their staff, vendors, and clients to access. The multiple cloud storage access points allow them to safely have their information stored without compromising the different parts of their business.

As the different advancements in technology pave the way for easier and more secure access to cloud storage, businesses are allocating more of their resources. Security, efficiency, and speed are all important components when considering the ideal cloud storage solution.