Cleaning and decluttering anything in your life can brighten the mood and make you more productive. The same goes for our smartphones because, let’s face it, they are a big part of our daily routines. We download so many apps, documents, and files to these little gadgets – we don’t even notice how disorganized our phones are.

So if you want to speed up your smartphone, make it more secure, and organize your photos and apps, here’s where to start:

Create a backup

Most of us don’t realize that smartphones are essentially small computers. We use them for shopping online, scheduling meetings, communicating with co-workers, and much more. Therefore, having a backup can be beneficial in case you are targeted by cybercriminals. Transferring files to an external hard disk or a computer can free up storage space on your smartphone and make it way faster. Plus, you will always have access to your data.

Update the software

We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your operating system and apps up to date. Cybercriminals are constantly searching for new exploits and vulnerabilities. Updates come with patches and fixes, so make sure you download new software regularly.

Clear the cache

Even if we don’t use our phones constantly, we still collect various app data and browser cache. Both can take up precious space and slow down a device. Deleting them every once in a while could be quite good for the overall performance of your phone. While Android phones allow you to clear browser and app data altogether, iPhone users will have to check each app separately.

Use cloud storage

Photos and videos can take up a lot of space on your phone, and it could be tricky when you don’t have an option to use an SD card to expand the memory. It is where cloud storage comes to the rescue. There are plenty of cloud storage options to choose from today, allowing you to keep all your memories backed up and safe. Additionally, your phone will perform better, which is a plus.

Clean up your apps

How many times have you downloaded an app because you needed to use it at that particular moment and just forgot about it? Go through your app library and delete the apps you haven’t used in a while. You could also do a little bit of organizing by moving apps into folders. That will keep your phone neat and well organized.

Check the music and podcasts

Streaming audio content is so popular that users rarely download music or podcasts to their phones. But having something to listen to while taking a walk is nice. So podcast episodes and songs may be slowing down your smartphone. See if you have any episodes downloaded to your phone by loading the app you use for listening. Then check the storage settings to locate songs or albums on your phone.

How to keep your phone in good shape

Now that you’ve organized and cleaned up your phone a bit, it is time to learn how to maintain it. We are all humans, and you might need to sit down and go through your apps every few weeks. But when it comes to security, you should use a couple of tools.

For instance, an antivirus app is a must-have for smartphone users. After all, you probably keep your financial and personal information on your phone, so ensure nobody can break into the device. Plus, the antivirus can warn you about potentially dangerous websites.

If you are concerned about privacy, apps like a VPN and a tracker blocker can help you solve this problem. A VPN could come in handy in various situations. It is the best travel companion because a VPN can encrypt your connection, allowing you to use public Wi-Fi safely. Furthermore, a VPN will give you access to geo-blocked websites.

Want to take your cybersecurity to a whole new level? Then install the tracker blocker. This nifty app stops web trackers from gathering personal information about you. It means web trackers can’t see your browsing habits and report on the content you read or watch. A tracker blocker may also protect your machine from malware.