Acquiring the right domain name for your business can be a daunting task, not at least because most names have been taken and some investors were smart enough to take desirable addresses early on, since they saw the potential to make a lucrative sale in the future.

  • The leveling playing field between startups, founders, & small business owners

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a domain name for an individual, a business, a startup, or an institution: making a good domain name acquisition is the first consideration when planning to establish your online presence.

Mike McConville, is now a 5 time entrepreneur—who made it to the Inc. 5000 in 2009—says he has made it his business to level the playing field between founders, startups, and small business owners when it comes to acquiring the best possible domain name for their business and the investors who sell them.

Not having the ideal name of the domain for your business often becomes one of the “red flags” that might throw off potential customers who presume a lack of professionalism and commitment to your business. The right name is therefore essential for your business to be trustworthy to your venture investors and consumers.

Rather than simply settling for a domain name that is available—if it is less than ideal at reflecting your brand and business—it might be better to consult a domain name broker such as Mike McConville who can assist you in taking hold of the best options.

  • Making domain acquisition an easy path

The outbound domain brokerage industry typically has been focused on representing sellers rather than buyers, so McConville has stepped into the breach, making domain acquisition an easy path by providing the expertise a buyer needs to make the purchase at a fair price.

Businesses often end up providing too much information to domain name sellers, inadvertently adding hurdles to acquiring domains—not least of them is being pushing the price up if the seller of the name begins to assume that the buyer has “money to burn”.

Any news that makes your business’s brand more noticeable—a key appointment perhaps, an innovative product announcement, or a significant funding award—can push the domain price from attainable to stratospheric.

Working with a domain name acquisition professional could make all the difference to the success of your business and is an advisable route when taking your brand online.