Is your kid shifting to a new school? Then let me tell you, there is a lot that is going to change for the little one. As adults, we take time to adapt to changes. Sometimes, we take it easy while sometimes, we get overwhelmed. Imagine how hard it is going to be for the little ones to adapt to a whole new system.

They are going to a new school where they have to make friendships with other children, adapt to the behavior of the teachers, and learn to like the new environment.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make the process easier for your child. By following these few tips, you can play a huge role in making your child feel comfortable when shifting to a new school.

  1. Consider your child’s participation while choosing the new school

Children love familiarity and a routine life. When things change, the fear of uncertainty can be too much for them. You can ease their fear of a new place by letting your child participate in the selection of his/her school.

Parents can go through the pamphlets and photographs of the new school together with the child. They can also discuss the new facilities facilitated by the school. These things include the playground, slides, activity areas, and sports areas.

When a child goes through the facilities and pictures of their new school, they connect a sense of familiarity with it.

  1. Plan a visit to the new school before the first day

As your child must be struggling to feel the sense of familiarity, there’s nothing better than letting them make a visit to the school before it’s actually their first day as a student. This way, they can take a small trip to the canteen, the library, the playground, and the sports area. If possible, you can also ask the school authority to let someone from their class join them.

This is a great way to save your child from being overwhelmed on their first day. It also gives them a chance to make new friends even before they enter the classroom.

  1. Have a conversation with your child and the teacher

Having a conversation about how things are going is the best way to know if your child is facing any difficulty in adjusting to the new school. Sometimes, children tend not to be vocal about their issues. Instead, we notice a change in the way they talk and behave. Talking directly to the child can help them to open up and discuss their situation.

Also, having a conversation with the teacher is also helpful as it ensures you are in talks with someone who is responsible for your child’s education, safety, and security.

  1. Try to reflect on the fun and positive side of shifting to a new school

As we already know, our view of the world depends on our mindset. So even if your child finds it hard to shift to a new school and fusses about it in the beginning, the parents should not lose patience.

Do not force your child to take things as they come. Instead, be supportive and give them an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. Show them the fun things they are going to do and have because of the new school.

To make things more happening, you can take them out to shop for new school supplies! This will instantly make them excited for the change.

  1. Do not force your child to forget memories from their old school

Just because you are trying to make your child comfortable in their new phase, it doesn’t mean that you force them to forget the old memories.

Obviously, thinking and talking too much about their old school and friends can make them feel lonely and stressed. But forcing them to forget them completely is equally hurtful. You don’t want your child to hold repressed emotions.

So, try to maintain and respect your child’s bonds with their old friends. If possible, visit their old buddies every once in a while.

Over to you…

When children are shifting to a new school, they should not feel alone and left out. Though parents can’t do their child’s part of adjusting to things, they can definitely help them through the process and assure them that they always have their back.