There was a time when building apps was the sole province of people with degrees in advanced software development. Apps required extensive coding and were built by the developer community. These technical-minded people had little idea about the demands of the market. However, all of that has changed, thanks to the Andromo online builder. This is because this amazing builder does not require any coding knowledge. 

It has effectively ended the disconnect between the app-building community and its user base.  Now you can look at an app as a customer and create a better one with plenty of useful features. In the long run, you can create an app that will enhance the end-user experience (UX). 

  • Andromo Helps You Create Apps Designed With the End-user Experience Always in Mind 

The customer-centric approach is a far cry from the cut and dried design approach of most coding experts. Many software and mobile app creators used to augment their products with intricate menus and elaborate themes. While such add-ons might look good from the design viewpoint, they did little to enhance the end-user experience.  However, the Andromo builder allows you to build your apps just the way you want. Simple, effective, yet beautiful!

You can learn from your own experiences as an app user to create an app that would optimize functionality and ease of use, over other priorities.

  • The Flutter Framework 

This editor is based on Google’s cutting-edge and highly innovative Flutter framework, which has been designed to make your app-building work as easy as possible.  Flutter is now available to all Andromo users. 

Now it is possible to create your very own mobile apps with nothing but your imagination to create that perfect mobile application.  Some of the top reasons why Andromo uses the Flutter framework include the following ones: 

  • Rich Animation Library

This framework has an extensive set of libraries.  In fact, this is also a key reason due to which many developers like to use this framework over other software development kits or SDKs. Flutter’s large library database makes it a good choice for the creation of cross-platform apps.  By using this framework in the Andromo builder, you will be able to develop a much better overall user experience than many other builders available out there. 

  • Similar to Native App Performance

A great user experience UX depends on the performance of the application. If it crashes a lot or does not load properly, the user will become frustrated and might delete it altogether. One reason why Andromo prefers to use flutter is that it makes for easier and better performing user interfaces (UI) design. This holds particularly true in many complicated UI animation scenarios.

The reason behind it is very simple. Google’s Flutter framework does not rely on long strings of intermediate code interpretation or representations. Its application is typically built directly into the machine code itself. 

In the long run, it automatically eliminates any performance bugs that are often part and parcel of the interpretation process. Eventually, the custom mobile application would be completed and compiled and ready for publication far ahead of any competing editors using other frameworks for building their apps. 

  • No Need to Learn Coding When Using Andromo 

A key advantage of Andromo’s Flutter framework-based editor is that even an average layman can start creating a mobile app without any fuss or bother. Hardcore programming skills are not part of the job description when you are making an app on this editor.  Apart from that, the hardware and system requirements are also minimal In fact you can create a mobile app without bothering to buy anything extra, such as an ultra-high-resolution monitor or a powerful PC or laptop.  Your current hardware device will usually be good enough to work well for all of your app creation activities. 

With the help of the Andromo builder and your regular usage internet-capable devices, you will be able to not just design but also build and publish your apps on the various app stores. This all-in-one platform will help you to monetize your app-making talents while sitting at home.

  • Cross-Platform Functionality

If you are interested in creating an app on a budget, it would be a great idea to ensure that it is fully functional across multiple platforms. Ever since Apple has launched its new product lines, the demand for iOS apps has never been higher.  At the same time, the Android platform is a standard staple for most mobile users around.  If you want your mobile app to be really successful you must publish it on both platforms. Creating an app that is good for only one platform means that you are effectively shutting yourself off from a very large market. 

Here an effective monetization strategy would involve both of these popular platforms so that your app will be downloaded and used by both iOS and Android aficionados.  Once again, the Andromo builder comes to the rescue. This is because it does offer seamless functionality across both of these iconic platforms. So, you should do your homework and worth with an app builder that offers maximum utility. 

  • Conclusion: Welcome to the Era of DIY App Builders 

Now that ‘do-it-yourself mobile application builders are becoming part of the mainstream, you too can join the bandwagon and take advantage of the fabulous opportunities available to you.  Currently, there exist many online app builders that enable you to personally create your very own business or personal app. This is irrespective of your lack of programming skills. 

The Andromo app builder is an excellent DIY app builder that provides a quick and secure app development option. Using this builder means that you will be able to get your mobile app built and published without spending excessive time designing complicated features that are of little use.  In a nutshell, If you want to make a profitable mobile app-making business, the Andromo app builder is the best value for money around.