Most, if not all of us, are looking for sneaky ways that we can reduce our spending and have a little money left at the end of our month, rather than month left at the end of our money. 

When you don’t have the time or resources to start a side hustle and develop multiple income streams, you have to rely on the good old tactic of spending less, but sometimes this can seem impossible. Here are a few ideas you can use next month to reduce your spending and be left with a little extra to save, invest or simply enjoy. 

Review Your Insurance

Doing an annual review of your insurance policies might help you to save a few bucks. Costs change, your lifestyle changes and your insurance needs change too – there’s no point in paying for policies and benefits you don’t need.

Take a look at what you’re paying for right now and compare that to Farmers Insurance reviews and other policies and companies you might consider – you might get a better deal. 

Drive Less

What you spend on gas in a month might just blow your mind, and reducing that as far as possible can really make a huge difference. 

Choosing to walk or cycle on shorter commutes can really help in this regard. Avoid driving to the grocery store, the gym, to your friend who lives down the road. If you do this whenever possible, you might see a difference. 

Update Your Subscriptions

Nobody needs three different subscriptions to three different streaming sites. If you comb through your existing subscriptions, you might even find that you’re paying for services you haven’t used in months. Cull them and save that cash!

Be More Energy Conscious

Simply being more mindful about water usage and turning off the lights when you leave a room can make a big impact on your monthly energy expenses. Many of us don’t consider how wasteful we are when it comes to electricity and water.

If you want to take it a step further there are even smart home devices you can invest in to help you reduce your overall energy usage. 

Eat-In More Often

We all need to eat to survive, but dining out is far more expensive than buying your own groceries and cooking your dinners at home. If you’re eating out a few nights a week, try to reduce this to just once or twice and cook the rest of your meals at home. 

Novice chefs can use the internet or recipe books to find some cheap but delicious meals to cook in their own kitchens.

Exercise at Home

If you’re spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive gym membership, that is one easy way you can save a few bucks each month. Try out some at-home workouts and you’ll soon find that you don’t need fancy equipment to achieve your dream body.

Any type of movement is great for staying active and healthy. You can go for walks or runs outside, do yoga in your living room or follow a home workout program all for free.