Owning a pet isn’t just to have an obligation over something breathing and living, but for those who witnessed the miracle of their pet, it’s more like a responsibility and a pleasure to give them proper care. Researchers have found a connection between heart problems and owning a dog (check it out) with surprising results. It says dog owners tend to live longer than those that never went around to adopt one.

Because they’re more than just another mouth to feed, it’s normal to give them only the best, as their owner. CBD has got your back, whether it be a chronic/acute illness or just to boost their healthy disposition. This product originates from cannabis, which helps pets in no way, shape, or forms marijuana can. What’s more? It isn’t poisonous, dangerous, or toxic to animals, unlike the earlier mentioned cannabis species.

Essential Things To Know About The Main Ingredient

You can get CBD for pets in many forms, depending on how fast you want it to reach their bodies or how much bioavailability there is after it goes through the liver or stomach. Currently, the most popular form it has taken is cannabidiol oil and treats. These forms are comfortable due to their accessibility and easy administration. Oils can be added to their daily meals, while treats are sure to be consumed as a snack.

The origin of CBD is pretty easy to understand as long as you’re already acquainted with other alternative organic treatments. If not, we’ll explain them to you in a very simplified way. Cannabidiol is a compound you can find in cannabis plants, but it’s most abundant in one it’s usually harvested from, which is hemp. Hemp was legalized by the passing of 2018’s Farm Bill, which propelled it from schedule 1 to a schedule 5 substance.

What schedule 5 means is simply labeling a drug or substance as non-addictive. Indeed, Cannabidiol isn’t psychoactive, addictive, or dependent-inducing, unlike THC, its counterpart. On the other hand, THC is a schedule 1 drug, which means it is highly restricted in some parts of the US.

Another critical thing to note is its effect on pets and animals. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is toxic to the animal kingdom, especially those with the endocannabinoid system. Therefore, if you want to get CBD considered 100% THC-free, click through this page and browse our listings.

If you’re keeping this substance around your pet, make sure to observe them more closely than before. Toxicity in animals can easily be mislooked, especially with initial symptoms. By the time they worsen, it will be too late and potentially put your pet in danger. Look out for excessive drooling, extended periods of fatigue and sleeping, aggressiveness, copious vomiting, and dilated pupils. If you observe one or more symptoms, rush your pet to the vet.

Health Benefits CBD Can Give To Your Pet

  1. Relief From Joint Pains

It might be the most well-known reason why pet-owners buy a CBD product for their furry buddies. Pain, especially joint pain, is one of the most common diseases your pet might experience in their old age. According to a study (link:https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fvets.2018.00165/full), almost all cases of joint pain were addressed by Cannabidiol. And unlike NSAIDs and other traditional medicine, Cannabidiol doesn’t have side-effects.

How Cannabidiol helps animals is just the same as humans. It taps with their ECS and utilizes the CB receptors to bring about the effect the body needs. The ECS and its cannabinoids (including Cannabidiol) have one goal: to bring back and maintain homeostasis. Therefore, there’s no reason to have side-effects when the goal is to get everything, even the temperature, to normalcy.

  1. Help Them Through An Anxiety/Depressive Episode

Just like in humans, CBD can also assist your pet out from a day of feeling blue. There is also depression in animals, but it can only be identified when the owner observes less than their regular routines. For example, their usually cheerful dog suddenly takes endless naps and doesn’t play fetch anymore. It could possibly be that your dog is experiencing sadness or depression.

On the other hand, if your mostly nonchalant and poised cat suddenly jumps around and is often found doing a guarding stance, it can also be chalked up as feline anxiety. This can also mean a dose of CBD is on schedule. This time, the CBD will tap into the CB1 receptors, interferes with messages to the Amygdala, which are especially bad, and calms down the feline almost immediately.

  1. Nourishes Your Pet

It isn’t the CBD oil that gives your pet vitamins or minerals, but rather its effect on the body, plus the type of carrier oil it has. There are several types of carrier oil, but it’s better to know each one to discover which ones your pets can benefit from the most.


Derived mostly from coconut oil, MCT oil is also known as a medium-chained triglyceride, a fatty acid that can easily be absorbed by the body. Because of this, MCT oil is favored by those owners whose pets are experiencing bodily pain. This carrier oil assists in bringing the much-needed Phyto cannabinoid faster.

Hemp Seed Oil

One of the most popular choices, Hemp seed oil, makes the entourage effect happen even without the presence of THC. This is because this oil contains other types of Phyto cannabinoids, which pair with Cannabidiol better.

Avocado Oil

This type is used mostly for topical CBD. Avocado oil has a characteristic of being absorbed quickly by the skin, perfect for those using salve or CBD ointments. It also has antioxidants and is housing many antibacterial properties.