An ever-growing number of people are adding a healthy dose of CBD to their regular diet and supplement routines. With benefits ranging from improved physical health to a positive mental boost, there are many different reasons why CBD has become so popular.

One thing that is consistent, whether you are using CBD to treat particular conditions or only as a general wellness supplement, is that in order to benefit from it, you need to find products that you both enjoy and use consistently. CBD chews and gummies are the ideal solution for many.

CBD gummies allow you to consume a small amount of CBD no matter where you are or what you are doing. Just like regular gummies, they provide a delicious sweet treat that you can snack on throughout the day.

So, where can you find the best CBD gummies that not only provide you with a healthy burst of CBD but also a sweet, flavorful treat? Let’s take a look at some of the top CBD gummies and chews available when shopping online.


PureKana is a famous brand that offers its customers a wide range of fun and convenient CBD products. PureKana’s vegan CBD gummies pack a healthy 25mg of CBD isolate derived from hemp plants.

CBD gummy bears from PureKana are made using 100% natural ingredients, making them perfect for those hungry times when you want to enjoy a sweet treat without feeling guilty. PureKana uses black carrot juice and turmeric for coloring and organic grape juice to provide a sweet and delicious flavor, keeping the gummies natural and healthy.

Helping to make CBD as convenient and straightforward as possible, PureKana packages its CBD gummies in an easy to transport pot with a secure lid. Each order comes complete with 20 tasty gummies totaling 500mg of PureKana’s leading CBD formulation.

One of the great things about choosing to shop with PureKana is that they make the lab reports for all of their products easily accessible at the bottom of each product page. Being able to read through the lab report for your CBD gummies before committing to the purchase allows you to see exactly what goes into each gummy. Lab reports show a complete cannabinoid breakdown as well as tests carried out for purity.


For UK based customers looking to experience high-quality CBD gummies, look no further than Provacan. Sourcing all of their hemp plants for EU certified farms, Provacan can keep its carbon footprint low and its CBD gummies affordable.

Using a vegan and vegetarian-friendly recipe, Provacan has worked to ensure that its CBD gummies can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Organic hemp and natural flavorings are reused to give Provacan gummies a herbal yet sweet taste that does not linger, as many other CBD products do.

Using precision and expertise, Provacan has formulated CBD gummies that can be consumed throughout the day as a snack while also providing you with many of the benefits that you find in CBD oil tinctures. Thanks to Provacan’s carefully crafted recipe, each gummy is guaranteed to be utterly fat-free, meaning that you can enjoy your new favorite sweet treat completely guilt free.

Provacan has two different options available when shopping for CBD gummies; their ultra portable 100mg options and their larger 500mg pack containing 50 fruit flavored gummies.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web has a CBD gummy for almost every time of day so that you can coordinate your CBD routine to match the time of day and your mood. With options such as calm CBD gummies, sleep CBD gummies, and recovery CBD gummies, you can ensure that the effects you experience are tailored to your current surroundings.

Each gummy contains 10mg of full-spectrum CBD, which has been derived from hemp plans to ensure that it is rich in healthy cannabinoids. By using full-spectrum CBD, Charlotte’s Web’s gummies allow you to benefit from the entourage effect for a real boost to your overall health.

Charlotte’s Web uses a botanical blend that has been carefully formulated using natural ingredients to support wellness and relaxation. Alongside this, Charlotte’s Web adds natural flavorings to give its CBD gummies a sweet, fruity flavor that you cannot help but enjoy.

When shopping with Charlotte’s Web, there are a number of different quantity options giving you the chance to save on every order. With bundle options and a subscribe and save feature, Charlotte’s Web rewards return customers.

Bundles are a great way to try all of the different gummy flavors and options that Charlotte’s Web has available. When you sign up to Charlotte’s Web’s subscribe and save feature, you automatically get 10% off all future orders.