CasinoEuro, an online casino operating under the MGA license, knows a thing or two about keeping an audience interested when it comes to entertaining a crowd. Whether it be with their online casino filled with slots, roulettes, and jackpots or their YouTube channel with almost 200.000 views, with a view count that high, you know they must be doing something right. 

While their numbers are growing, so is the value of their content. They cover topics from the basics of casino slot games to reviews on the hottest and most trending slot games. Their final video of their most recent series decided to put an unexpected twist on the type of review they’ll be giving. 

Finding the Hidden PS5 Web Browser

As any good YouTuber, CasinoEuro stays in tune with the trends. With plenty of ‘hauls’ taking over the YouTube scene, they decided it was only fair for them to provide their fans with a special kind of gadget haul – one that includes more than decade-old devices and modern game consoles. 

What sparked the interest of this special grand finale is the viewers’ fascination with whether or not you can play the CasinoEuro games and slots on any web browser. After catching on to their interest, they went ahead and announced that they would be testing out this theory. At which point, they received an obscene amount of comments with the most out-of-this-world suggestions. 

Other than your laptop or phone, where else do you play games? A game console! If you can play Call of Duty or FIFA, why wouldn’t you be able to play slot games as well? Right? Just in case, CasinoEuro powered up the PS5 and found the answer. Although it was a tad more challenging to find an actual browser to run the slot games, considering a browser doesn’t exist, they didn’t have high hopes, but CasinoEuro persisted. Voila, after doing some diggin’, the reels were spinnin’. 

Despite the long search for a web browser, testing the PlayStation was a more straightforward and obvious suggestion. The real test hid in spinning the reels on a Nokia 3310, 38-foot billboards, Nintendo Switch, smart car, and DSLR camera. Elon Musk would be proud, as CasinoEuro put any electronic device you can think of with a screen and internet browser to the test, even his Tesla!

Big TV Screen? Nah – Try Movie Theatre!

Talking about videography and cameras, as if it wasn’t enough to try out almost every device possible, they took things to the next level and added some major drama. Some would say that it even deserves an Oscar! Not just with an award-winning storyline, but with an ending that no one in their right mind would even imagine. 

Playing slot games on a TV is pretty cool, but do you know what’s even better – playing games on a cinema screen! CasinoEuro took things to the big screen and succeeded. A special couple even got their special viewing of CasinoEuro games in action. 

After devoting so much time pleasing their viewers’ requests for reviews on the most top-rating slot games, even including seasonally themed episodes, they decided to close the curtains. Nevertheless, before the curtain call and bows for their last hooray in the reviewing scene, they show thanks to their viewers one of the best episodes up to date. 

They saved the best for last, so make sure to check out the grand finale on the CasinoEuro YouTube channel