In 2019 it’s more than likely your iPhone is locked to one particular network. When you go into a carrier shop and order your shiny new phone, you’ll usually get it on a 12-24 month contract to make it more affordable and get it bundled with enough data and minutes to keep you connected, however if you want to move carriers for one reason or another you’ll soon find out your phone is not going with you for the ride, it’s firmly stuck to the carrier you originally bought the phone from unless you decide to unlock your iPhone, but is this an issue?

Why Do Carriers Lock iPhone’s?

Carriers often subsidise the cost of an expensive new phone by charging higher monthly contract amounts, typically you are not paying $50 just for data and texts, often a large cut of this is simply paying off the cost of the iPhone. 

Carriers want to keep you on their network for as long as possible, and one way of doing this is by locking the device you use to them. If you are in a short contract with the Carrier they may struggle to see a return on their investment into the iPhone if you decide to cancel the contract at the earliest opportunity you can, so if they lock the device you may find it more difficult to shop around for a better deal if you can’t get the new carriers SIM card to work. But remember this original contract cost is helping to subsidise the cost of the phone, which has essentially been ‘paid off’ once the minimum contract period has elapsed, representing poor value for money.

How Do I Unlock my iPhone?

There are a few way’s to unlock your iPhone in 2019, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Still a hangover from days gone by, you can try and ‘Jailbreak’ your iPhone, this often means having to carry out complicated procedures and enter ridiculous codes in the hope of unlocking your iPhone and not simply rendering it unusable. You can visit your carrier store and ask them to unlock your iPhone, however these guys don’t want you to leave their network so they’ll often place complexities within the unlock process in the hope you’ll find it all too much and give up. The best way we have found to unlock your iPhone is by using an online IMEI iPhone unlocking service.

What is IMEI Unlocking?

IMEI unlocking works by whitelisting your iPhone in Apple’s own database, creating a safe and permanent unlock, no matter what network you try and connect to around the world!

There are loads of service providers online offering to unlock your phone using the IMEI method, however after some research we think the best way to unlock iPhone is with iPhone Approved Unlock.

During our testing we were able to unlock iPhone 6, unlock iPhone 7 and unlock iPhone 8 faultlessly. We were really impressed with their price and speedy service.

All you need to do is enter your iPhone’s IMEI number which you can find by dialling *#06# on the device, the model and iPhone and the network it’s currently locked to. Once you’ve entered all that, hit unlock, entered some basic details and paid they’ll head off to Apple and get your phone unlocked then let you know via email when it’s done which handily is usually within 24 hours. You get to keep your phone the whole time this is happening, and once you get the confirmation email you just need to enter your new SIM card, restart the iPhone whilst connected to a Wi-Fi connection and voila, it’s done!

What are the Benefits of Unlocking an iPhone?

So now you’ve got a lovely unlocked iPhone, what now?

There are many benefits to unlocking an iPhone, especially in 2019 when all we want is a ton of data no matter where we are in the world, I’ve chosen my top 3 reasons why having a carrier unlocked iPhone is great;

  • Shopping around for a better deal – Probably the most obvious benefit to having an unlocked iPhone is having the freedom to shop around for a newer, better deal once your original minimum contract period has been reached. With an unlocked iPhone you can shop around all your local carrier stores for a SIM only contract, or PAYG deal that suits you, whether that be having more data, more minutes or more financial freedom.
  • Travelling – Using your iPhone properly when you’re travelling can be a real game changer. The one thing we all suffer from a lack of when we travel though is data, being hamstrung by a roaming data allowance often consigns us to Wi-Fi hotspots and 4G rations. The best thing I ever did with my iPhone was get a local SIM whilst travelling, often around Europe or other major economies networks offer unlimited data options on PAYG SIM deals, often for $1 or the equivalent a day. Having unlimited data whilst you’re away allows you to walk around new cities whilst getting recommendations on where to eat, drink and play instead of just using guess work and falling into the same old overpriced tourist trap.
  • Selling your iPhone – If the time comes to sell your iPhone you are going to find it tough to be satisfied with the amount you get for the device. Often the recycling schemes do not offer the full market rate you could achieve if you put a little more effort in and try and sell the phone privately yourself, however doing this will become a painful experience if the iPhone is locked. Firstly you will not be able to advertise it for its full value if it is locked to just one network, and secondly you’ll get bargain hunters wasting your time seeing if their own SIM cards work, only for the sale to fall through once they realise it doesn’t. What you want to do is get your iPhone unlocked, advertise is as unlocked for a good rate and watch the first person that comes through your door stick their SIM in, hand over the money and walk away into the sunset!

Thanks for reading this guide, we hope you found it helpful.