Your employees are one of your greatest assets. While we brace for a nightmarish dystopia of unemployment amidst automation, it is safe to say that you need your employees. It is therefore prudent for business owners to take the needs of their employees to heart. Beyond the bare necessities, or preferably those one would consider requirements, you must take consideration for the wellbeing of your staff. 

Rather than focus only on the basic requirements, your staff are entitled to; you should consider things such as employee wellness program 101 and the following things your employees need to stay happy and productive.


The rigid nine to five working regimen that was still going strong before the outbreak of Covid-19 was an archaic system. Similarly to the structure of unreformed education systems, this uncompromising approach was a reflection of the first industrial revolution.

In truth, it does not benefit anyone to stick with this approach. Modern productivity is not reflected in hours worked but rather in tasks completed. Allowing for flexibility in a task-oriented working environment has proven to increase productivity and overall employee satisfaction, all the while incurring no additional CTC.

Mental Health Resources

This approach has two benefits in cultivating employee satisfaction. Firstly it brings added value to your company as an employer. At the same time, economic circumstances may not allow you to offer salary increases at this time. 

The second is less of a benefit and more of a necessity in the current global situation. Many people are suffering from mental health issues related to the current pandemic. These issues range from anxiety to depression. Offering resources that go beyond the standard employee health policies will help mitigate the foreseeable drop in productivity.

Streamlined Projects

In addition to anxiety and depression, many are suffering from a sort of disconnect brought on by isolation. This problem is all the more prevalent amongst those working from home. By using more modern project management tools, you can create an accessible overview of all of your staff. 

In this way, staff can track and, very importantly, compare progress and gauge their contributions to the success of the company. This sort of reinforcement goes a lot further towards mental well being than may be evident at first, hence implementation is the only way to appreciate the effect truly.

Increased Health And Safety Measures

Many people are suffering from mental health complications due to the pandemic report symptoms synonymous with sudden onset hypochondria. Taking nothing away from the severity of Covid-19, the media does sensationalise the dangers in a way as to have the most significant possible impact. 

For this reason, along with the more obvious fight against Covid-19, it is imperative to put more stringent health and safety measures in place. This will be no temporary measure either. All the data suggests that the post-pandemic workplace will be one with far more extreme health and safety regulations.

Promote Mindfulness

The term mindfulness has all but lost any meaning. A buzzword of modern spirituality, you can be forgiven for thinking it entails only the most ridiculous of nonsense. Mindfulness, in its simplest form, is a secular adaptation of the concept of meditation. 

It promotes the same proven health benefits found in Buddist meditation but stripped of the religious practices. This makes it an attractive neutral basis for shared meditation practices and enables a healthier state of mind, in turn allowing your employees to function better under the strain of current circumstances.