Almost every single smartphone user would have WhatsApp downloaded to their device, and it is the number one source of voice, text, and video communication with your near and dear. But do you know that you could do more than mere chat over texts and video calls with your friends? Yes, we love playing on our mobile phone, but will not have enough space to download many games and keep playing them. What if you can play games on your WhatsApp? That too with your friends? It sounds interesting, right, and it can also be an excellent source to enhance your social interaction during the covid lockdown and help you have some fun time with your friends.

Games on WhatsApp

Gaming is one of the best ways to preserve your mental health during the pandemic and can be fun when played together with friends on WhatsApp groups. These games on WhatsApp will also be a great help in refraining from scary news headlines and conversations about the coronavirus. And it can be of great help in keeping in touch with family and friends during the lockdown.

Here are the fun things that one can do on the WhatsApp app for gaming.

Sharing Game Stickers With Friends

Stickers are an excellent way of expressing one’s feelings and interact with friends and family on the Chat. Stickers can either be still or animated and can be easily downloaded from the web. The Game of Thrones is one of the most popular slot games, whose stickers can be easily shared among friends through WhatsApp. Here is the step-by-step instruction on creating and sharing game stickers on WhatsApp.

There are no built-in tools to make WhatsApp stickers on smartphones. It should be downloaded from a third-party app such as the google play store or the App store.

  • Download the sticker maker app
  • Open the app and look for a ‘create new sticker’ pack
  • Label the sticker pack and open it to see thirty empty tiles.
  • Tap on the empty tray to add images from the gallery or the camera
  • You can edit the background through a smart select option, or cut the image in any desired shape.
  • Add text or outline and click the ‘save sticker’ option.
  • The next option is ‘Add to WhatsApp, ’ and your sticker is now created.

After creating the sticker, they can be shared on WhatsApp easily, just like how you will share the regular WhatsApp stickers.

Playing Games On Whatsapp

The popular games that can be played in WhatsApp are as follows,

  • Kiss, Marry or Kill – This is quite an interesting or popular game can players can ask easily others who they would kiss, marry or kill from the three given options. The options can be from a family or friends group, or even celebrities or sports personalities.
  • Antakshari – This is a popular game that can be played among family and friends, and on WhatsApp, people play text Antakshari where you are required to write the lyrics and not sing it.
  • Building a storyline – In this game, one person in the group starts a storyline and the other have to build upon it to build an interesting story in the prescribed timeline.

Though online casino games cannot be played for money on WhatsApp, a new trend started during the pandemic in Brazil with mobile casinos creating chat groups, where the players can join and interact with each other on game-related queries and also improve their social interaction during the lockdown period. This is a trend slowly spreading to other gaming countries. 

Whatsapp Quiz

A lot of quizzes are organized in WhatsApp, and the Chess game is also available as a WhatsApp game. To play the quiz through WhatsApp, make sure you and your friend are connected to the WhatsApp sandbox in the last 24 hours. Start WhatsApp on the phone and click on play to the sandbox number. The app will select one of the players on board to start playing the chess game with you.

You can also create a customized WhatsApp quiz and share it among your friends to know who knows the best about you. There are at least 50+ WhatsApp quiz and puzzles on this platform, which makes connecting with people much better and easier.

Bottom Line

WhatsApp is a highly popular platform that allows you to connect and interact with friends and relatives through texts, voice, and video calls, multimedia messages, etc. Apart from knowing the well-being of our loved ones, we can use this platform to play fun games, share stickers and tease each other and have lots of fun over the virtual medium.