The answer is YES. Why? You need to know the advantages of the batteries to know the reason.

Now, What Are The Advantages Of Lifepo4 Batteries?

1. Good Safety Performance

Lithium polymer is made of flexible plastic packaging aluminum, which is different from the liquid battery metal casing. Once the security risk occurs, the liquid battery is easy to explode and the lithium polymers can only be air fired at maximum.

2. Small Thickness, Thinner Can Be Made

Ultra-thin, the battery can be mounted in the form of a Credit Card. Ordinary liquid lithium battery adopts the method of personalizing the outer casing first and then connecting the positive and negative materials. The thickness is 3, 6 mm or less, there is a technical bottleneck. The core polymer battery does not have this problem, and the thickness can be less than 1 mm, which meets the needs of current cell phones.

3. Light Weight

A battery using a polymer electrolyte does not require a metal housing as a protective outer packaging cover. The weight of the polymer battery is 40% lighter than the steel hull of the same specification lithium battery, which is 20% lighter than the aluminum battery body.

4. The Large Capacity

The lithium polymer has a capacity of 10-15% greater than that of the same size as the steel shell battery, 5-10% greater than that of the aluminum battery body. It is the first choice for the color display of mobile phones and MMS cell phones.

5. Small Internal Resistance

The internal resistance of the core lithium polymer is less than the general liquid battery. Currently, the internal resistance of the core lithium polymer business can even be less than 35MΩ, which significantly reduces battery consumption and prolongs the standby time of the cell phone. This battery specification that supports large discharge currents is an ideal choice for remote model control and is the most promising alternative to nickel-metal hydride.

6. Shape Can Be Customized

Manufacturers are not limited to standard formats and can be economically sized. Lithium polymer can increase or decrease the thickness of the batteries according to the needs of the customers. Developing new battery models, which are cheap, the open cycle is short and some can even be customized according to the shape of mobile phones to make full use of the space battery compartment and update the batteries.

7. Good Discharge Characteristics

The polymer battery uses a colloidal electrolyte, which has a discharge characteristic and the largest discharge platform of a liquid electrolyte.

8. The Protection Plate Is Simple In Design

Due to the use of polymeric materials, the battery core does not catch fire or explode, and the battery core itself has sufficient security. Therefore, the lithium polymer protection circuit can be omitted by omitting the PTC and the fuse, thus saving the battery cost.

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