The internet has opened a lot of doors to many people who may not otherwise have had the means to start their own business. This article focuses on the question of whether you could start a business online with no budget at all.


When it comes to the internet there are lots of ways you could conceivably earn money. However perhaps the most intriguing area of interest is the one that states you can start a business without investing any money in it at all. Is this really possible?

In theory you could do it. For example you could sell things on eBay that you already own to generate some easy cash and then use that money to buy a domain name and some hosting to set up a website. The cost of doing this would be minimal anyway since domains are cheap in most cases and basic hosting is cheap too.

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If you have a few pounds to spare you wouldn’t even need to generate some cash on eBay to begin with. However it doesn’t pay to skimp on the planning stages. You must be clear on what type of business you want and how you are going to earn money. The easiest way to do this on a small budget is to apply to join various affiliate programs. These should be free to sign up for and you can create a website on a specific topic and monetise it by providing these adverts to help you invite potential customers to click on your ads.


You still need to drive traffic to your site though, so how do you do this? Once you have some income you can invest in social media marketing agency and remarketing services but until that time it can be a challenge to get to where you want to be. The best bet is to join two or three social media sites and set up profiles on each one. You can then post updates whenever your website has new content on it. Build your networks and you will soon see traffic starting to visit your site. You may also be able to attract search engine traffic by adding new and worthwhile content to your website as often as you can. Remember to aim this content at your ideal target visitor. This makes it easier to attract the attention of Google, Yahoo and so on, as they will notice your site has lots of naturally written content on it. The last thing you want is to write according to keywords and nothing else as this is unlikely to get the results you want.

The main thing you must have to invest initially is time. You can get around most of the costs that can be involved in one way or another. However if you don’t have the time to invest in your business you may find you struggle to achieve any real results.

This has probably given you a lot to think about. However you should be positive: there is a lot you can do to generate results and a trickle of income to start with. Later you can invest in remarketing services and other promotional services but for now there is plenty you can do and achieve on your own.