There are many people around the world who try their luck inside a casino and there are two main ways to play. The first is to head down to your local casino hall and play there, the second is to load up a site online and play there.

Both have their positives and negatives for players, but when it comes to online casinos, the biggest drawback for some players is that they don’t feel like they get a personal service. There is no or little interaction, depending on the type of game you play, and this does put some people off.

But can online casinos offer the personal touch, and give the gamer what they need? It seems like they are beginning to, and much of this is coming in the form of social media interaction with players.

Getting to Know Your Online Casino

Whoever you play with, there will be a time when you would like to know a little more about the casino and what the company is all about.

There are many great games available to play inside an online casino, but unless you play a game that has a live dealer, you won’t actually ever see anyone in the flesh while playing.

It is expected that live casino games will become even more popular in the future, and this is where online casinos feel they can match the personal touch that is currently being offered in casino halls around the globe.

These games have a live dealer who either spins the roulette wheel, deals cards or whatever else is needed to get the game going. However, they are not the most popular way of playing right now, so casinos need to look elsewhere if they want to get their people in front of players.

The Social Media Game

Like many companies in other industries, online casinos know that they can have good interaction with their players online via social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. We have seen a growing number turn to this, either with competitions being run, giveaways, live videos and much more.

This may not be in the gaming area, and it may not be interaction for players while they are in the mood for casino games, but it is certainly better than nothing, and good enough for now.

There is a sense of trust that players have with a company if they see the people behind it and see the same face or faces popping up on a regular basis. For example, those attending casino halls will likely see the same staff in the entrance, on the tables and behind the bar.

Online casinos need to replicate that in some way, and social media is the place to do it. You may not see the person on the site, or while you are playing, but a familiar face somewhere on social media will go a long way to offering the personal touch that is currently the main difference between online and offline play.